Six Ways to Safari: The Ultimate African Safari Guide


Nothing quite beats the thrill of a safari. Embarking on an incredible journey through some of Africa’s greatest national parks and reserves allows you to witness some of nature’s greatest wonders. OROKO – Ireland’s only dedicated luxury tailored travel business – are leaders in luxury safari holidays and will tailor wildlife holidays to suit your needs and preferences.

From walking the Ngorongoro Crater Rim to galloping through the wetlands of the Okavango, African safaris will take you up close to magnificent wildlife – like zebra, lion and elephant.

Here, we are sharing six incredible ways to safari in Africa.

Horse riding

A horse riding safari is an exhilarating adventure like no other. Gallop alongside Africa’s most iconic wildlife, cantering past herds of zebra and impala leaping across the floodplains. One of the best destinations for horse riding safaris is Botswana. The plains of the Okavango provide excellent vantage points, and your horse will often sense movement before you do, warning you as they prick their ears. With the benefit of having no engine noise, being elevated above the tall grasses while in the saddle, and the ability to quickly weave through smaller passages on horseback, this type of safari is one of the finest for getting up close to African game. We only recommend that experienced horse riders partake in this type of safari.


A walking safari offers a quiet and more intimate way to experience the habitats of wildlife in Africa. Learn different tracking techniques to identify scats or prints of various animals from your expert guide, along with studying animal behaviour to get close to fascinating wildlife on foot. Zimbabwe offers some of the best walking safaris where you can experience a range of different habitats. Mana Pools National Park brings you by Zambezi River with high visibility of a range of wildlife as they gather by the water at sunrise. Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park is said to be the founding place of walking safaris, where you can experience a magical sunrise bush walk.


Explore the rivers of Africa while cruising alongside the wildlife in the national parks. Experience the world’s only inland delta on a traditional mokoro canoe as you explore the Okavango Delta’s channels and lagoons. A mokoro canoe allows you to quietly pass by Botswana’s wildlife without startling them. Your guide will use a ngashi pole to gently carry you along the river allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the experience by listening to the different sounds of wildlife, watching out for hippos and crocodiles in the water. Float beneath the overhanging bushes and watch the birds fly high or be captivated as an elephant crosses the channel with their herd.


Enjoy a relaxing and calming excursion by partaking in a birding safari. With an array of ecosystems such as forests, grasslands, woodlands, and wetlands, there are many different aspects that everyone can enjoy. Phinda Game Reserve, located in South Africa offers an amazing experience, home to over 400 species of birds. With 73,800 acres of land, with intertwined habitats, Phinda Game Reserve bird specialists can help you spot spectacular species such as the narina trogon, crowned hornbill and southern banded snake-eagle.


Cycling safaris are an adventurous way to explore different habitats and encounter wildlife up-close. The Northern Tuli Reserve is one of the best cycling safari destinations, where you can leisurely cycle along different landscapes and watch wildlife share watering holes. The Mashatu Game Reserve offers a once in a lifetime experience on the elephant migration paths where you can cycle amid the majestic elephants. A cycling safari is perfectly suited to families with teens, allowing everyone to cover a vast amount of land, soak up nature and create long lasting memories.


The perfect safari type for budding photographers, embark on classic game drives in fully equipped photographic vehicles. Suitable for all levels, leading wildlife photographers will teach you tips and tricks to capture magnificent wildlife shots. Many luxury lodges also offer photographic hides, allowing photographers to capture magnificent photographs at ground level, from the safety of the hide. Kanga Camp in Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park is the original home of the “armchair safari” experience. Sit on the open deck with your camera and spot rare species of wildlife.

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