Marketing Opportunities

With over 100 years of combined travel knowledge Travel Times brings you the most up-to-date travel experiences, insights, offers and tips. With 5 full-time professional journalists writing and reporting on the travel industry every day you won’t get a more comprehensive view of what’s going on and where to go anywhere else in the market.

For what’s happening right now in the world of travel make sure to log on to traveltimes.ie or follow us across all our social media platforms. Working with traveltimes.ie will allow you to grow your brand awareness and attract new customers in the world of travel.

What we offer you!

Destination Films

We produce high quality 10-15 minute destination films. These can be used for your promotional campaigns, training, websites, YouTube or even for TV campaigns. Check out our most recent film here.

Banner Ads

Have a specific message to get your customer? Create a banner ad have people click directly to your website to help grow brand awareness.

Sponsored Content

We offer sponsored articles and social media posts to help grow your audience and brand awareness. We have 5 full time very experienced journalists who can help write articles and create content.

Dedicated Newsletter

You can reach our database directly by sending a dedicated newsletter full of images and content. Work with our experienced journalists or send us a html ready file.

Press Trips

We love to review new experiences, invite us on a press trip to write about your destination/product and we’ll also share it on our social media platforms.

Media Pack

To advertise with traveltimes.ie contact [email protected] for pricing and more information.

Affiliate Marketing

Want help selling your product or service? We offer sponsored content to encourage sales of your product. To speak to us about our affiliate marketing opportunities contact [email protected]