Mid-term Getaways That Don’t Break The Bank

Budget-Friendly Mid-Term Getaways

If you are looking for mid-term getaways that don’t break your bank and yet manage to deliver plenty of ‘treats’ this Halloween, look no further. We have a list of some great value European holidays that are just right for everyone in the family.

How about soaking up some sun in Portugal or heading to neighbouring Spain for equally sunny climes and golden sands? You can also choose to have days full of fun and action at Disneyland.

There are many attractive packages on offer by Click&Go. These certainly come in handy when you’re looking to swap the chilly draughts of November with sunshine, rollercoaster rides, theme parks and an assortment of happy beaches! You can even get into the festive mood by joining the Disney villains at the Halloween festival, so better keep those costumes handy. (How about a themed ‘Stranger Things’ costume set for the entire family or one inspired from a Disney film?)

Here are some of the best value mid-term breaks for 2022 travel:

The Algarve, Portugal – Embrace the joie de vivre

Budget-Friendly Mid-Term Getaways
Escape to the Algarve this Halloween, and you will be in for plenty of treats (read sunshine, beaches and amazing food!)

The Algarve has become one of the most popular destinations for Irish holidaymakers. With stunning golden beaches, a glorious coastline, world-class golf courses, great surfing schools and amazing food it isn’t difficult to see why! Besides, Algarve has earned the reputation of being the most hassle-free holiday destination — everyone is so hospitable and welcoming, and the resorts offer so much variety.

Offers from €399 based on seven nights of 2 Adults and 2 Children travelling during the Halloween mid-term break. Find out more here.

Costa del Sol, Spain – Stock up on some glorious sun!

Budget-Friendly Mid-Term Getaways
Turquoise waters and floating boats in Spain.

This marvellous stretch of coastline in the south of Spain is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. With back-to-back resort towns and kilometres of pristine golden beaches, it’s no wonder people return to the Sun Coast year after year. The region is known for its spectacular climate and upbeat resorts.

Offers from €399 based on seven nights 2 Adults + 2 Children travelling during the Halloween mid-term. Find out more here.

Mallorca, Spain – Revel in the Mediterranean vibe

Budget-Friendly Mid-Term Getaways

The largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands, Mallorca is situated in the stunning blue Mediterranean sea. A definite treasure, the island is a wonderful mix of old, new, modern, traditional and, naturally, abundant dollops of sun, sea and sand. Mallorca is more than just a place to lounge on the beach — it’s jam packed with natural wonders and fascinating culture. With gentle waters and wide, a sandy beach, Mallorca features many excellent sites for a variety of watersports and activities.

Offers from €429 based on seven nights 2 Adults + 2 Children travelling during the October mid-term break. Find out more here.

Disneyland Paris – dollops of pure fun!

Budget-Friendly Mid-Term Getaways

Immerse yourself in the magic and wonder of your favourite Disney stories with a holiday to Disneyland Paris, it promises to be nothing but absolutely amazing! Disneyland Paris is every child’s dream. Watch as they meet their Disney heroes and enjoy the rollercoasters.

A good way to enjoy the mid-term break – it brings out the child in you, and helps the entire family escape into a world of fantasy and magic!

Offers from €399 based on three nights 2 Adults + 2 Children travelling during the Halloween mid-term. Find out more here.


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