Rise of the ‘Coolcation’ Travel Trend in 2024

What’s the Trend?
For many people, summer holidays traditionally meant chasing the sun, revelling in the heat, and basking on sandy beaches. However, with recent years bringing intense, record-breaking temperatures, there’s a shift in travel preferences. Many are now opting for “coolcations” in temperate destinations, which also have the advantage of being less crowded. Listed as a top trend in 2024 by Conde Naste, this trend allows for the exploration of the rich culture of Helsinki to enjoying Estonia’s lush forests and Poland’s beautiful long sandy Baltic beaches, there’s something for everyone.

Why Will It Matter in 2024?
With 2023 officially the hottest year on record, travellers are reconsidering trips to traditional hotspots like the South of France and Sicily, especially during peak heatwave seasons in July and August. A survey by luxe travel network Virtuoso found that 82% of its clients are considering destinations with more moderate weather in 2024. Intrepid Travel highlights the rising popularity of destinations such as Iceland, Finland, Scotland, and Latvia. “We’re seeing an increase in those holidaying further north,” says Andrea Godfrey of Regent Holidays. “Scandinavia and the Baltics offer a more pared-back style of holiday but have lovely beaches, forests, and lakes for both relaxation and adventure activities.” Cooler temperatures are particularly well-suited for family travel.

Top Coolcation Destinations

Oslo, Norway
Oslo is an ideal coolcation spot for a summer city break. Its proximity to nature parks and a variety of outdoor activities makes it perfect for family-friendly excursions. Visitors can explore museums like the Munch Museum and the Vigeland Museum or take a paddle excursion on the Oslo Fjord. For an overnight adventure, the surrounding forests provide a scenic backdrop. Oslo’s waterfront has been revitalized, offering opportunities for traditional kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), and even urban fjord-sauna experiences.

Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki, the capital of Finland, boasts a rich culture and relaxed vibe. Summer visitors can enjoy al fresco dining, nearby beaches, and islands. Each August, the Suvilahti area of Helsinki hosts the Flow Festival, a three-day music event featuring headliners and up-and-coming local talent. Set in the industrial area near Sörnäinen and the Kallio district, Flow Festival attracts over 80,000 visitors annually, offering interesting lighting, design, and technology displays.

Coolcationing is not just a trend but a smart travel choice for 2024, offering a refreshing alternative to sweltering heat and crowded tourist spots.


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