Expedia Offers a Three-Night Stay in the Heart of Budapest 

Expedia offers a three-night stay in the heart of Budapest from £399/ €469 pp. Including three nights at the 4* Buda Castle Hotel with return flights from Dublin (based on 2 adults) between 9 – 12 August 2024.  

This summer, make Budapest’s street art a highlight of your travel plans. The city’s vibrant murals and sculptures offer a unique and colourful way to explore its culture and creativity. With warm weather perfect for strolling, Budapest’s urban canvas invites you to discover its artistic charm.

Budapest is a city where urban art flourishes, transforming its streets into a dynamic open-air gallery. Enormous murals, pop-up sculptures, and eclectic decorations in ruin bars bring vibrant colour and creativity to the cityscape. As you wander through Budapest, you’ll encounter a fascinating blend of history and modern art, with weathered firewalls turned into massive canvases and quirky sculptures appearing seemingly out of nowhere.

District VII, Budapest’s Jewish Quarter, is the heart of this street art movement. Once a confined ghetto with a tumultuous history, the district has become one of Budapest’s trendiest neighbourhoods. Here, the most impressive examples of street art are just a short walk from each other. Notable murals include a portrait of Empress Elizabeth, a mural commemorating Hungary’s 1953 football victory, and a Rubik’s Cube mural celebrating its Hungarian inventor, Ernő Rubik.

Budapest’s art scene extends beyond murals. László Marton’s Little Princess statue along the Danube and Mihajlo Kolodko’s realistic sculptures, like Kermit the Frog on Szabadság Square, add whimsical touches to the city. At Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc International Airport, a statue of composer Franz Liszt sitting on his suitcase greets travellers with a whimsical air.

Exploring District VII offers a unique way to experience Budapest’s culture and creativity. From large-scale murals to hidden sculptures, the city’s street art scene is a testament to its vibrant spirit. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply looking for a unique adventure, Budapest’s urban canvas invites you to discover its colourful stories and artistic charm.


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