It’s The ‘Ski Holiday Envy’ Season, People!

Ski Holiday Envy

What’s this we hear? Wicked little envy has out been to play, and is teasing the good people of Ireland? Shocked? But don’t be. It’s okay to feel a little envy, that fear of missing out on the good stuff. What is popularly known as FOMO?

So, the news is, according to research carried out by Crystal Ski Holidays, over 50% of Irish people admit that they suffer from ski holiday envy.

Ski Holiday Envy
We all get a bout of envy once in a while; it’s only human! And holiday envy or the fear of missing out (FOMO) is real, especially so when it comes to ski holidays.

The findings from their recent research show that over half of Irish people (53%) are jealous of people who go skiing every year, with 54% of those envious because skiers have a skill that they don’t. This, in turn, has spurred 40% of Irish respondents to tell holiday fibs to friends and family, with 10% of respondents lying about going on a ski holiday before, so they don’t feel left out. The research also delved into the biggest barriers to skiing for beginners, which revealed nearly half of the Irish people (45%) admitted to not trying skiing before as they didn’t know if they would be good or not, however, 38% said they would go on a ski holiday if everyone there was a beginner. 

Now what would a savvy business do? Provide solutions to problems and services to fulfil needs so that we don’t have to fib or feel that we are left without options.

Crystal Ski has done just that. It has launched a first-of-its-kind holiday package for apprehensive beginner skiers and boarders. Slope Starters is designed just for the beginner skiing and snowboarding community and will whisk you off to the mountains of Flaine, France for a week of bumper skiing and socialising. For €1,299 the package includes return flights, half-board accommodation, transfers, ski lessons, equipment hire and a lift pass. 

The first Slope Starters beginner week will run from 11-18 March 2023. And that’s not all, there’ll be a jam-packed itinerary to show beginners exactly what a ski holiday is all about. To create a sense of community and encourage attendees to make new friends, the week will start with welcome drinks at the hotel, as well as a Crystal quiz later in the week, plus diving into giant inflatable bubbles for a game of bumper ball and then strapping on snowshoes for a walk-through Flaine’s snow-covered scenery. And to round everything off, there’ll be an awards evening on the last night to celebrate the first trips to the mountains.

Chris Logan, Managing Director, of Crystal Ski, said: We are on a continued mission at Crystal Ski to make skiing and snowboarding more accessible for more people as we know how memorable, and even life-changing, a holiday in the mountains can be.”

Logan continues, “Slope Starters aims to tear down the barriers to skiing and snowboarding for people who have never tried it and show them how much fun they can have on the slopes, while potentially making new, like-minded friends along the way. We hope that once they’ve had their first taste, they’ll keep heading back to the snow time and time again to make more unforgettable memories.

So perhaps time to put aside the envy, and take a lesson or two in skiing?


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