House Swapping- the Affordable and Sustainable Trend looking Hot for 2024

Discerning travellers are looking to stay away for longer periods of time with the increase of remote jobs  means making working while abroad easier than even before. The beauty to home swapping is you can do this without incurring expensive accommodation fees. This concept gives you a home abroad while you offer up your own in exchange for weeks or even months at a time.

As travel expenses keep rising, home swapping offers a budget-friendly option instead of pricey hotels or Airbnbs. While the idea of couch surfing and house exchanges isn’t new, modern platforms are giving it a fresh twist.

One such platform, Kindred, allows members to earn credits for each night they swap homes. With $15 million in funding, Kindred is expanding across the US and Europe, boasting over 10,000 homes in 50 cities. Members pay only a cleaning and service fee for their stays, with the accommodation itself being free.

Alternatively, travellers can bypass membership fees by turning to TikTok. Gen Z is leading the charge on social media, using trending tags like #houseswap and #homeswap, inspired by the movie “The Holiday.” These tags have amassed millions of views, as users showcase their homes, connect with like-minded peers for swaps, and share their adventures.


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