Tahiti Tourisme redefines LGBTQI+ inclusivity with ‘The Treasured Test’

From the Tahiti Press Release

For LGBTQI+ travellers seeking a tropical getaway, concerns about authenticity and safety are significant. Cultural differences in various destinations often pose challenges, leaving travellers feeling uneasy or vulnerable to discrimination.

Nowadays, the  focus on “gay-friendly” holiday options predominantly cater to a younger, male demographic, centered around nightlife and parties, inadvertently neglecting a broader spectrum of LGBTQI+ individuals.
This results in a growing and diverse audience in search of holiday destinations where they can feel safe to express themselves fully, with a range of adventures and experiences tailored to their needs.

In response to this demand, Tahiti Tourisme, in collaboration with agency Circul8 and Air Tahiti Nui, decided on a strategic initiative, ‘The Treasured Test’  to promote The Islands of Tahiti as a secure and welcoming destination. This campaign aims to highlight not only the romantic retreat appeal but also the depth of cultural acceptance present in Tahitian society, extending beyond conventional LGBTQI+ party scenes. 

Central to the concept was the involvement of authentic LGBTQI+ individuals, rather than actors. An open call was made to the LGBTQI+ community to select a diverse group to experience The Islands of Tahiti firsthand, and to share their unfiltered impressions. 
The selected group was comprised of a cross-section of LGBTQI+ identities,  including US lesbian couple Jen and Jess, French gay couple Seb and Diego, and two Japanese friends Yuma and Mizuki, both transgender men.

Over the course of ten days, a film crew followed the group while they immersed themselves in the culture and experiences of The Islands of Tahiti, from traditional dance lessons in Tahiti to exploring the lagoons of Bora Bora through snorkeling. Throughout their journey, they were free to travel and interact with locals, without having to worry about hiding any part of their identity.

After this experience, the participants unanimously expressed gratitude for the warmth and acceptance they encountered from the local community. They emphasised feeling completely at ease, liberated from the need to mask any aspect of their identity. The consensus was clear; The Islands of Tahiti did indeed offer a sanctuary where everyone was unequivocally ‘treasured’.

We’ll be talking about this for the rest of our lives” – Jen, US traveller.

TIOT LGBTQI EN 1920x1080 Video 2min

Find out more at https://www.tahititourisme.uk/campaign/lgbt/ 


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