Algarve Adventure Blitz: A Week of Thrills, Sun, and Unforgettable Moments!

Algarve Adventure Blitz

For those that like to pack as much as possible into their holiday and enjoy a thrill or two, Algarve Tourism has come up with their top list of adrenaline-fueled activities, that will have your pulse racing. I wouldn’t be much of an adrenaline junkie myself, but some of these activities are right up my street.

With a coastline stretching over 200km, caves and grottos to explore and amazing surf breaks, the region provides the perfect backdrop. Whilst inland, discover white-washed villages up to the mountainous region of Monchique. After a busy week of activities, there is nowhere better to relax than on one of the 85 Blue Flag beaches, for which the Algarve is famous.

Off-Road Buggy Tour

Algarve Adventure Blitz

Your ticket to an unforgettable off-road adventure awaits you with Extremo Ambiente. You’ll embark on an exciting off-road tour on a Polaris RZR vehicle that will take you around the amazing landscapes of the Algarve while zooming through dirt roads, hills and rivers.

Cost: €45 per person. Book here.

Jet Ski Tour

Algarve Adventure Blitz

If you’re looking for a way to visit the magnificent caves of the Algarve, there’s no better way to do it than with a Jet Ski tour. This unique experience will allow you to see a completely different side of the Algarve. Those who like cruising around the coast in a calmer fashion can choose a slower ride as a family or couple. 

Cost: 3-hour rentals from €225 per adult. Rental with skipper for one hour and 30 mins from €230 per adult. Book here.

Tandem Sky Dive

Algarve Adventure Blitz

Securely harnessed to your qualified tandem skydiving instructor you will experience the thrill and excitement of freefall whilst enjoying some of the most spectacular and incredible views of the Algarve. The activity is open to anyone over 16 years old* even if you have never jumped before. Thrill seekers can choose from different packages, including a choice of jumping from 7,500, 10,000 or 15,000ft in a tandem.

* Parental consent required for 16/17 year olds. 

Costs are from €139 per person. Book here.

Mountain Biking

Algarve Adventure Blitz

Popular routes to see the Algarve by bike are Via Algarviana, an inland route connecting Alcoutim to Cabo de São Vicente. On the west coast, the Rota Vicentina has many popular routes that provide sweeping views of the Atlantic.

Routes can be planned using the Tourism’s website www.portuguesetrails.com

For guided daily bike tours visit www.algarvebikeholidays.com. Daily tours cost €55 and include the bike, helmet, guide and Insurance. Mountain bike rental is €25 per day.


Algarve Adventure Blitz

The Algarve reigns as one of Europe’s greatest surfing playgrounds with Freeride Surf School in Sagres, the most south-western point in Portugal, the perfect choice for your surf holiday. From group lessons to private lessons or surf guides, the surf school has the best team of professionals for surfers at any skill level.

With lessons running from March to December, surfers can pick from either one-day packages to six-day lessons. You can book here and prices start from €65 per person for a day and from €180 per person for 3 days. 

Kayaking/Cave exploration

Algarve Adventure Blitz

This breathtaking guided Kayak tour in Ponta De Piedade navigates you through a labyrinth of caves, arches, rock formations and secret beaches, allowing you to discover the Portuguese coastline at sea level. Over the course of two hours and 15 minutes, kayakers will travel a distance of 10 kilometres, which is equivalent to 5.4 nautical miles.

Cost: €40 per person for adults and children. Minimum age 6 yrs. Book here.

Open Top Jeep Tour– Best of the West

A guided tour in an open-top jeep in the Natural Park of Costa Vicentina in the southwest of the region is a must. Expect magnificent beaches, rocky coastlines, breathtaking views, fishermen’s villages, paleontological sites, historical insights, and soaring birds. 
Cost: €99 per person. Visit www.geographic-algarve.com to book.


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