World’s Quirkiest Bus Stops

Waiting for a bus wouldn’t be nearly as tedious if you could lounge on a comfy sofa.

Surprisingly, in northern Thailand, there’s a bus stop where travellers can relax under a woven roof while taking in views of lush paddy fields. In Konagi, Japan, passengers can wait in a watermelon-shaped shelter inspired by Cinderella’s iconic pumpkin carriage.

In the Shetlands, you’ll find a bus stop designed like a living room, complete with an armchair and a coffee table. This isn’t the only extraordinary bus shelter out there – around the globe, there are various whimsical stops that make waiting for public transport a unique experience.

For instance, in Unst, home to the UK’s northernmost bus shelter, passengers can enjoy a quirky setup featuring a writing desk, a selection of books, a cosy throw, and even a television. Some bus stops may sacrifice comfort, but they compensate with striking designs, such as the giant robot-shaped shelter in Russia.

A dreamy bus stop, located on the small island of Shodoshima, was designed by Japanese architect Yo Shimada. Overlooking a beautiful green valley, it is designed to look like water lilies on a pond, with the pads of these lilies made of 90 steel discs.

In California, the City of Ventura’s Public Art Program, in collaboration with the Department of Public Works, commissioned a new bus shelter in 2002. American architect Dennis Oppenheim designed Bus-Home, a concrete and metal structure representing a bus that transforms into a house. 


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