Why Solo Travel Is So Good For You, and Where Can You Go Next?

A woman sits on the top of a hill on her own, enjoying solo travel

All of us have different travelling styles. Some of us love going with girlfriends, others swear by family trips and there are also those who prefer going solo. Of course, we can do all different kinds of travel, and don’t necessary have to stick to one style. But even if we love our girly getaways or family vacations, there’s a certain positive aspect in going for solo holidays.

So what are the benefits of travelling solo?

Gaining confidence

When you travel on your own, you gain a lot of confidence. It comes from making so many small and big decisions by yourself. From choosing the location, the dates, navigating different situations and challenges – it is a sure fire way to boost your confidence in your own skills.

Would you love to head to Budapest on a solo adventure?

An opportunity to know yourself better

Sometimes travelling solo provides us with the perfect opportunity to get to know ourselves better. What are hidden strengths as well as inherent weaknesses? What triggers us and how do we make our decisions or respond to situations? When you are on your own, you get the time to reflect and introspect, even when you are having fun.

How about this guided tour of Algarve for solo travel, albeit with some expert guidance?

You make newer connections

Even if you enjoy your own company, and a little bit of solitude, you may end up making new connections. These may or may not lead to lifelong friendships, but you certainly end up with so many interesting perspectives. For example, conversations with fellow travellers, with local people and those in the hospitality industry – all of these are invaluable. And because you are on your own, you are likely to have more time to talk to other people.

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The freedom to choose your path

You are in charge of your own time and itinerary. So if you want a trip where you can wake up leisurely on one day, and rise early the next, you can do so. If you feel like skipping a popular tourist attraction and instead heading to an offbeat experience or venue, you are free to do so. These are small but very important benefits of travelling solo.

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Here’s some top solo holiday offers from Irish Travel Agents Association Members:

Adams & Butler
Solo African Safari
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Camino Portuguese Stage 2 – Travel Solo But Not Alone
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