Why Sexual Wellness is an Emerging Travel Trend

Some people travel to unwind, while others seek new destinations and adventures. Recently, a rising number of travellers are hitting the road to embrace and enhance their sexual well-being.

In other words, an increasing number of individuals are travelling to improve their sexual experiences.

Industry experts are calling this burgeoning trend “sexual wellness,” and it’s striking a chord with open-minded travellers.

Numerous hotels and resorts across the globe are offering promotions and packages tailored to these sexually adventurous travellers. Some independent travel companies have introduced specialised getaway programmes aimed at helping individuals reconnect with their sexual selves.

The Global Wellness Institute forecasted that global wellness tourism would grow into a $1.4 trillion industry by 2027. Sexual wellness programmes have been gaining significant momentum.

Condé Nast Traveller highlighted sexual wellness as one of its top travel trends for 2024.

Suzannah Weiss, a sex educator and author of  “Subjectified: Becoming a Sexual Subject,” which will be published in June, suggests that increasing numbers of travellers are seeking these types of trips to address tension and dissatisfaction in their sex lives. Many people, she explained, are stressed by work or parenting responsibilities and fall into ruts, losing the intimate connection they once shared.

Making time and space to reconnect can pay huge dividends, she says.

“A lot of couples struggle in their sex lives because their nervous systems are in fight or flight due to the demands of work and parenting,” said Weiss, who also is a sexologist at BedBible.com. “Vacation is a great way to sexually reconnect.”

The majority of retreats which cater to this are based in the United States, one retreat leading the charge is Miraval Arizona, an exclusive resort and spa near Tucson, Arizona.

At Miraval Arizona, sexuality educator Lyndi Rivers offers three distinct programmes focused on sexual wellness—two for both men and women, and one specifically for women. The latest addition, titled “Optimise Your Sex Life,” aims to help participants understand what motivates their partners regarding sex. Rivers explained that the class enhances communication and equips “students” with skills they can practice both at the hotel and at home.

The other co-ed class teaches participants how to improve their connection with themselves, while the women-only class explores the specifics of how the female body experiences spontaneous and responsive desire. All group classes are priced at $125 per person.


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