What Makes For Stress-Free Christmas Travel? If There’s Such A Thing!

A small toy yellow campervan and festive trees - a metaphorical way to show Christmas travel

A lot many of us travel during Christmas. Sometimes we choose to do so, sometimes it’s inevitable. And it’s no surprise that it can be stressful to plan holidays and travel during the festive time. At times, it’s the weather if you are in a particularly colder part of the world. There’s also the bit about some amenities being closed for the festive time – after all, everyone wants a holiday from work, isn’t it?

So what can we really do to make travelling during Christmas a little less stressful and more relaxed (and enjoyable)?

Keeping it real

The first thing is the attitude. Good to remind yourself: It’s Christmas, it may be chaotic. We will need to make allowances for delayed flights or some attractions being closed. It’s all a part of the Christmas travel experience! I tend to do better when I have that attitude. I know that some restaurants will be closed for Christmas or Boxing Day so it’s okay to carry a little something that you can have in bed while watching the telly. If you’re at an Airbnb, you can also stock your pantry with ready-to-eat meals. It’s just one meal or at the maximum two that you may have to manage on your own. With help from family!

A book and a board game

There’s nothing like a book and a board game if you’re stuck in your vacation rental or hotel room on Christmas day because of bad weather or events being cancelled. Playing a board game brings everyone together, and if you haven’t packed one, don’t fret. Playing dumb charades doesn’t need anything else, except for your imagination! A good read with a cup of chocolate cocoa or tea is also wonderful when it’s cold outside and you want to just relax at your rental.

It’s festive on the flight too

If you’re on a flight, take advantage of the special menu and movies on offer. A shout-out to our recent story which featured how many airlines provide festive menus during Christmas. Watch a nice X-mas movie from the in-flight entertainment, and you’re all sorted for your journey.

Taps, heating, and all that you need to mind

It’s also important that when you travel over the festive season, you make sure of a few things before you leave home. Especially if home is in a colder part of the world.

It makes sense to leave the heating on at a suitable temperature or automate it so that it would come on for an hour or so every day whilst you’re away. This would make certain that you don’t come home to burst pipes. If you’re renting, make sure to look up your contract. Many rental agreements include a clause that should the pipes burst when a tenant is away, and it happens because of an absence of heating, the costs for repair would be borne by the tenant. You certainly don’t want that, do you?

A red toy car with a Christmas tree on its roof

Cars, and road trips

If you’re taking a road trip, make sure that your vehicle is serviced. Keep a reliable emergency number in place if you can, because road conditions may vary depending on where you are travelling, and many services may be closed. Some insurance policies cover emergency repair and such so good to check your policy too. That way you have peace of mind while you’re travelling.

Are we there yet?

A hug for all the parents who are doing multiple things over the festive season, and this includes travelling. While no one can escape the inevitable ‘Are we there yet?,’ if possible, it’s a good idea to schedule travel during and around the kids’ nap times. Of course, stocking your car with treats, favourite toys, and a game or two isn’t bad either. When you think the kids at their wit’s end and so are you, remember, you were once a child too!

A little in advance, but happy holidays and happy travelling to you!


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