What do Gen Z’s Travellers Want on Holidays


Having come of age during the pandemic and enticed by the allure of distant destinations showcased on social media, members of Gen Z are spending significantly more on travel than any previous generation. Born between 1997 and 2012, this generation is seeking more meaningful travel experiences. They aim to broaden their perspectives with international travel, with Italy, Japan, and Greece ranking highly as preferred destinations. Additionally, they use the benefits of travel to enhance their mental health and emotional well-being, prioritize cultural experiences over partying, and seek out unique, curated activities tailored to their interests.

A study from IBS Software late last year highlighted the high interest among Gen Z and millennials in using travel advisors. The results of this new survey reveal some of the reasons why Gen Z travellers are prime potential clients. Advisors wanting to attract this demographic should consider joining or expanding their presence on TikTok, where 88% of respondents follow at least one travel influencer. Emphasising sustainability is another effective strategy, as younger clients are keen on reducing their carbon footprint while traveling.

Despite relying heavily on social media for inspiration, Gen Z values authentic, off-the-beaten-path experiences. The average Gen Zer spends 9 hours and 36 minutes online daily, much of it on social media.

Travelling to improve mental health is a priority: An overwhelming majority (93%) of respondents believe that travel experiences can positively impact emotional well-being.

Turning to TikTok for travel inspiration is a trend: TikTok is Gen Z’s favorite social media platform and the top site for video-centric travel inspiration.

Prioritising sustainability is important: As a climate-conscious generation, 50% of Gen Z respondents prioritize booking with companies that have strong green credentials, and more than half actively engage with eco-friendly organizations at their destinations.

Partying is out: According to StudentUniverse, Gen Z drinks 20%AU less alcohol than millennials and prefers sightseeing and cultural experiences over clubbing and heavy drinking while on vacation.

Domestic destinations are less favoured: Gen Z prioritises international travels over domestic trips to broaden their horizons.

Mainstream itineraries are out: Over one-fifth of respondents use artificial intelligence for personalised travel recommendations and comb TikTok to find hidden gems in popular destinations, areas where advisors could provide significant assistance.


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