Wanna See Tay-Tay’s ‘The Eras Tour’ on the ‘Cheap’? – Go to Warsaw!

It may come as a shock to many, but Dublin is NOT actually the most expensive stop on Taylor Swift’s upcoming European leg of her mega world Eras Tour…but, we’re up there!

Tay-Tay hits Dublin on her world domination victory sweep in June; playing Aviva Stadium on June 28, 29, 30.

Swifty at Dublin’s Croke Park in 2018

Her European Tour lasts nearly 4 months on its insatiable quest to fill every enormo-dome stadium the continent has to offer; starting in Paris on May 9 and wrapping up in London on August 20. That London show will mark the eighth (yes, 8th!!!) night at Wembley Stadium on the tour.

According to a new survey, by online betting site Jeffbet, Dublin ranks as the joint-2nd most expensive stop [no surprise, there] on the European tour from which to watch proceedings (taking in the average cost of one night in a hotel, taxi costs and meal prices, but not, seemingly, concert ticket costs – which differ from country to country) with the cheapest cost of €160 per person, along with Amsterdam. Zurich is the most expensive with a total cost of £182/€214.

Apart from the fact that most of the tour is sold out and resale tickets are scarcer than hen’s teeth, we’re very dubious about these prices, here at Traveltimes, and feel the Jeffbet crew have never actually visited the capital to soak up our prices!

Nonetheless, the upshot of the survey seems to be if you ARE looking to catch Tay Tay and don’t want to pay Irish, Dutch or Swiss prices for the pleasure – then, high-tail it to Poland where you can, apparently, catch her at the PGE Narodowy Stadium, in Warsaw, over August 1, 2, 3 at a personal cost of just €63.62!!! (without a ticket, obvs!, and maybe no bed or food, while walking to the show!!)

“Getting your hands on tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras tour seemed impossible, with over 3.5 million people registering for UK and Ireland tickets and only an estimated 750,000 tickets available,” said a spokesperson for Jeffbet.

“A reported 3 million [people] queued for tickets in Germany; 600,000 registered for the show in Warsaw; and 95,000 tickets for the Zurich show sold out in 30 minutes.

“With ticket prices ranging from around £58 to £196, and some reselling for over £600 [and the rest – Ed] many fans will want to save money on the other expenses that need to be covered when attending a concert, especially if you plan to travel to another part of Europe.

“This study provides a clear insight into what financial factors should be considered when attending a concert, the most important being the cost of accommodation. Zurich was the most expensive for a hotel, with one night costing an average of £183.74/€215. Surprisingly, [no surprise, here!] Dublin was the joint most expensive, with one night costing an average of £103/€120.”


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