Unearth the Mysteries: Exploring Nevada’s Ghost Towns and UFO Hotspots

The best spot for supernatural tourism is Nevada State. Visitors will find themselves immersed in the otherworldly in Nevada as the state offers a host of weird and supernatural experiences. With more ghost towns than inhabited ones and home to the infamous Area 51, paranormal activity isn’t unusual in the Silver State. Visitors can head out on a ghost hunt, watch the skies for UFOs, and explore the spooky oddities only found in Nevada. Here’s a guide to the ghost towns and UFO hotspots in Nevada.

Keep an Eye Out for Aliens

Nevada is home to some of the world’s darkest skies, which makes it the perfect destination to spot the flashing lights of passing UFOs. Head to Tonopah Star Park, Great Basin National Park, or Massacre Rim, these spots are far beyond the reach of light pollution and sound, so are the perfect places for stargazing and solving mysteries. If you are keen to learn more about Nevada’s otherworldly history you should take the Extraterrestrial Highway from the Alamo to Tonopah for a guaranteed Martian sighting on the ground. Visitors will find everything E.T. along their route and you can even stay the night at the iconic Little Aleinn, employees here can also point extra keen visitors towards The Black Mailbox.

Alien Research Center

Supernatural Spots

With more ghost towns than living towns, Nevada has plenty of spooky spots to explore. To the north of the state is Virginia City, home of the largest silver strike in the world. Visitors can enjoy a drink in frozen-in-time saloons with names like Bucket of Blood and Silver Queen, stroll along the original wooden boardwalk-lined streets, and hear tales from local characters who still sport period costumes. To learn more about the town’s spooky inhabitants take the ‘Bats in the Belfry‘ walking ghost tour through the Silver Queen Hotel, Mackay Mansion, and other historic haunts, while the local guide tells tales of the locations and the ghosts that have been there for decades.

Unusual is the Usual 

Looking for something a little more unique? You will be spoilt for choice in Nevada as the state embraces its quirky history. Enjoy a variety of unconventional roadside attractions including the Clown Motel is a creepy and unique roadside stopover that is entirely unforgettable. The motel houses what is possibly the largest private collection of clown figurines and memorabilia in the world, and to add to the spooky vibes, is located next to Old Tonopah Cemetery. Next head to Coffinwood, the owners of a custom-made coffin business transformed their home into what they have aptly named Coffinwood. Everything here is coffin-shaped from flower beds to gazebos, there is a pet cemetery, a collection of old school hearses, and visitors can even get married at the ‘Church of the Coffin’.

Paranormal Passport

Travel Nevada has launched an all-new Paranormal Passport to encourage exploration of some of the more haunted sights. The passport is free and allows travellers to digitally check in at nearly 50 locations to earn points toward exclusive Travel Nevada prizes. The sites range from ghost towns to alien sighting hotspots, to the spookiest of weird Nevada experiences, perfect for travellers looking for something outside the box when they explore. I just hope the ghosts are as friendly as Casper!


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