US Government Inviting Ideas for Route 66 100th Anniversary Celebrations

The U.S. Route 66 Centennial Commission, tasked by Congress to oversee the commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the iconic Route 66 in 2026, invites submissions for nationwide activities, projects, and events. These submissions will undergo review by the Commission’s working groups, with approved ideas presented to Congress as official recommendations. The Commission aims to honor Route 66’s legacy and bolster its impact through diverse initiatives.

Jen Paul Schroer, Vice Chair of the Route 66 Centennial Commission, says that the celebration is more than a singular event, aiming to foster national pride and economic growth along the route. With members from all eight states along Route 66, the Commission operates under seven strategic principles, guiding the selection of appropriate activities.

Rod Reid, Commission Chair, calls for innovative ideas aligned with four key focus areas: Commemoratives & Publications, Infrastructure, Events & Celebrations, and International & National Marketing. Submissions can be made through the Commission’s official portal, with rolling reviews by Commission Working Groups.

Successful submissions will be notified quarterly, ensuring transparency in the selection process. Reid expresses enthusiasm for creative ideas that will define the celebration and uphold Route 66’s cultural significance for future generations.

For more information or to submit ideas, visit route66-centennial.com.


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