TUI Reveals the Best Holidays For People on a Gluten-Free Diet

gluten-free holidays

Booking a holiday should be exciting. However, for those with food allergies, it can be challenging. Trying to decide where to go, and which hotel to stay in, can be difficult when you have specific dietary requirements.

The good news is that the travel and tourism industry has made great progress in catering for different needs in recent years. So, if you’re on a gluten-free diet, you’ll find many hotels and destinations around the world that will suit you. As it is Coeliac Awareness Week, we want to reveal some of our best gluten-free friendly holidays to help you find the ideal break.


The Greeks follow a Mediterranean diet, which includes many grilled fish and meat dishes. These are naturally gluten-free, so you won’t need to spend too much time worrying about what you can eat. However, you’ll also come across other popular dishes such as moussaka, and ingredients such as pita bread and filo pastry.

Two of the best places to stay in Greece that cater to gluten-free diets are the TUI Sensatori Atlantica Caldera Palace in Crete and the Blue Lagoon Resort in Kos. The latter offers menus to suit those with food allergies and intolerances, in three out of its four restaurants. At the Atlantica Caldera Palace, you can talk to the Food and Beverage Manager to find out about their gluten-free options.

  • 06-Jun-23, Dublin to Crete, TUI Sensatori Atlantica Caldera Palace, 5*, Lyttos Beach, AI, 7 nights from €1,599pps, €4,229 (2+1), €5,319 (2+2) (Link to deal)
  • 13-Sept-23, Dublin to Kos, Blue Lagoon Resort, 4*, Kos Town, AI, 7 nights from €1,239pps, €2,819** (2+1), €4,049** (2+2) (Link to deal)

**Price includes one free child place

gluten-free holidays


You might think it would be difficult to find gluten-free options in tortilla-loving Mexico. However, numerous resorts provide excellent gluten-free options.

The beauty of staying at a TUI BLUE hotel is that you are guaranteed a selection of gluten-free meals. The TUI BLUE El Dorado Seaside Suites is a fan favourite, not only for its stunning location but also for the gourmet dining.  

Other resorts in Mexico also provide a great selection of gluten-free dishes. Simply let the resort staff know you have specific dietary requirements and they’ll be able to cater to your needs.

  • 12-Jun-23, Dublin to Mexico, TUI BLUE El Dorado Seaside Suites, 5*, Riviera Maya, AI, 7 nights from €1,499pps (Link to deal)
gluten-free holidays


The traditional food culture in Turkey is all about taking it slow, and really making mealtimes into an event. If you sit down for some classic Turkish meze, expect an almost never-ending selection of hot and cold appetisers to be brought to your table, designed to be nibbled over hours of drinks and chatter.

At TUI BLUE Tropical, they make sure those who are gluten-intolerant enjoy mealtimes like everyone else. There are 5 different restaurants with plenty of gluten-free options.

  • 12-Jun-23, Dublin to Turkey, TUI BLUE Tropical, 4+, Sarigerme, AI, 7 nights from €839pps, €2,379 (2+1), €3,129 (2+2) (Link to deal)


The volcanic island of Lanzarote boasts a lot of great gluten-free dining options. The TUI Blue Flamingo Beach Resort is renowned for its special diet menu. It offers a wide selection of dishes, including gluten-free pizzas.
Another great resort offering gluten-free dishes is the Hipotels Natura Palace. Here, you’ll find all of their gluten-free meals are clearly highlighted on the menu. You can also talk to the chef to discuss your requirements.

  • 31-Aug-23, Dublin to Lanzarote, TUI BLUE Flamingo Beach, 4*, Playa Blanca, AI, 7 nights from €969pps, €2,849 (2+1), €3,759 (2+2) (Link to deal)
  • 15-Jun-23, Dublin to Lanzarote, Hipotels Natura Palace, 4*+, Playa Blanca, HB, 7 nights from €899pps (Link to deal)
gluten-free holidays


Although Portugal tends not to offer the same level of gluten-free options as in many other parts of Europe, there are still options available for gluten-free guests. When you’re dining in local restaurants, avoid dishes which contain “Nevada” or “trigo” – barley and wheat. You’ll also want to eat grilled rather than fried foods. If a dish is “sin-gluten”, it’s safe for you to eat.

The TUI BLUE Falesia offers various cuisines at the buffet, plus there’s an à la carte place and on selected evenings the pool bar is transformed into a barbecue. Gluten-free dishes will be visibly marked, so you can feast carefree.

  • 23-Jul-23, Dublin to Portugal, TUI BLUE Falesia, 4*+, Olhos d’Aghua, HB, 7 nights from €1,209pps (Link to deal)

Wherever you plan on jetting off to on holiday, you’ll find the chefs at most restaurants will be happy to put together gluten-free dishes. It is recommended that you contact the hotel before your trip to discuss your dietary requirements and they will typically work with you to cater to your needs.


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