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Bucket list breaks to Iceland have never been more popular. And, as recent seismic activity has shown, nature can sometimes upset our travel plans. But this is where the expertise of a local DMC such as Obeo Travel can make all the difference. With the Blue Lagoon opening, closing and opening again (it is currently closed) the benefit of using a local DMC such as Obeo Travel has been invaluable to customers who were taken care of by being rebooked into alternative spas or lagoons on the Island.

Obeo Travel DMC is represented by Alan Sparlings ASM Ireland and here are some tips Alan gave when considering a summer or winter break to Iceland

Plan early: Iceland is increasingly popular, it’s not only the well located hotels that get booked up early, but we recently see that tours & excursion are too! Iceland should not be seen simply as a “city break” where you just book the flight and hotel and then “wing it” when you arrive. We guarantee you’ll be disappointed seeing all the best tours are sold out. I have witnessed this myself first hand where I met members of the public wondering around Reykjavik and had plans to do tours but they were already full. By planning early Obeo can assure you to get the best possible activity experiences, with the best vehicles & guides.

Trust the locals: As Iceland increases in popularity; the global media, influencers and “word of mouth” increases. There is tremendous misinformation out there. With a country like Iceland it’s best to trust the locals, as we know our dramatic country and what to expect all year round. We have seen so many tourists hire a car to travel around Iceland during winter time. Please don’t do that – talk to us and we will recommend the smart option. Don’t be fooled by reading somewhere, or hearing something, that a visitor once experienced: it might certainly be a different situation for you during your travel time.

Book with experts: We cannot stress this point enough. As everyone knows, Iceland is dramatic. It’s not only the harsh weather conditions, but also our unpredictable volcanic eruptions! If you book online, whenever a situation in Iceland arises, you’ll be left to your own devices with a simple refund. Nobody comes to Iceland for a refund – considering you’re already spending a lot on flights & accommodation. Booking with a trusted local expert provides that extra care, ensuring you’ll get the best out of Iceland. When things go wrong, a trusted partner will not just cancel and refund you, but will turn tours around and ensure that your client gest the best out of your stay and more!

Drink the tap water: Do NOT spend money on bought water. Bring your water bottle and fill it up literally everywhere in Iceland. The tap water is the freshest, tastiest water in the world.

Use duty free: Everyone knows Iceland isn’t cheap. So, upon arrival in Keflavik, take advantage of duty free (Iceland isn’t in the EU). Hotels offer empty minibars, expecting you to bring some of your own booze!

Happy Hour: Download the app “appy hour” to quickly see which places offer happy hour at which time. Take advantage of such offers to save on your travel budget

Bring snacks: For your full-day tours, bring with you some light snacks as the days can be long, and while tours make a stop to allow you to buy lunch, you might feel a bit peckish during the day. This can also save on your expenses. Stop by a local grocery store like Bonus and buy some snacks for your stay.

Don’t exchange abroad: With the Icelandic Krona being a rather unreliable currency, we highly recommend you do not exchange your money into ISK in your respective home country. The exchange rate you’d get is likely unfavourable. You can use debit/credit cards everywhere in Iceland so cash isn’t even needed, if you prefer cash we recommend to use the ATMs at the airport upon arrival.

Get advice: While we certainly say that you should do the top 3 things while in Iceland: Northern Lights (winter), Golden Circle and a Lagoon, bear in mind that Iceland has SO MUCH MORE to offer. Don’t let that opportunity past you, and get some advice from a trusted expert. There are countless adventures available to enjoy in Iceland, so be sure to not miss out on a great once-in-a-lifetime experience because you didn’t get the right advice

Visit our agent hub: On our website Home – ASM Ireland – Direct Channel to the Travel Trade (asm-ireland.ie) we have an AGENT HUB crammed full of material you can use to promote Iceland with Obeo Travel. Don’t have the password, send Alan a message on the chat bot on their website and he will give you access.


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