Travel Tip Tuesday with Maria Uchoa from Travel2Ireland

Maria Uchoa, from Travel2Ireland, isn’t just a content creator travelling the length and breadth of Ireland; she’s a seasoned global traveller. Originally from Brazil, Maria has called Ireland home for several years, using Dublin as her base for frequent European travels. Here are her top tips:

Choose Wisely: Maria recently returned from Greece, where she discovered Thessaloniki, affectionately known as Niki. Greece’s second-largest city, Thessaloniki boasts a vibrant blend of culture, nightlife, and coastal charm. With Ryanair offering flights as low as €19.99 in April, this sun-soaked paradise is a budget-friendly alternative to more crowded destinations.

Travel Light: Resist the urge to overpack. Remember, you can purchase essentials like socks, shampoo, or jackets on the go. Choose a compact bag, ideal for easy carrying and fitting into overhead compartments, saving you from the burden of bulky luggage.

Gate Check Before Beer Break: We’ve all seen that funny meme about checking where your gate is before going for a beer. It’s funny because it’s true. It’s easy to sit back with a pre-holiday drink and time will fly past leaving you under pressure to board- Make sure you know where you need to be before finding the nearest bar!

Explore Beyond Guidebooks: Guidebooks offer valuable insights, but they often miss out on the latest hidden experiences and fun. Go beyond the guidebook recommendations to discover authentic local experiences, from off-the-beaten-path attractions to delicious restaurants.

Embrace Slow Travel: Resist the temptation to cram your itinerary with endless activities. Slow down and enjoy each destination! Travel isn’t about quantity—it’s about quality. Take your time, reduce transportation costs, and most importantly enjoy every minute of your trip!


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