Travel Tip Tuesday with Emirates

Emirates has recently compiled special tips and tricks to assist customers in embracing the sheer thrill, freedom, and adventure of travelling alone. Solo travel has been steadily gaining traction post-pandemic, with 68% of respondents in a 2023 survey conducted by Solo Travel World in the United States identifying themselves as independent travellers. It provides a unique opportunity to explore the world on one’s own terms, without having to accommodate the whims and desires of travel companions. Whether you’re a seasoned solo traveller or planning your first independent trip, Emirates’ multicultural cabin crew transforms your perception of travel.

On booking hotels

Alessandra Piper from the UK, who has been flying with Emirates for over nine years, shares her tips: “I make it a priority to embark on at least two solo trips a year. I always book hotels with a flexible booking policy, as I may decide to extend my stay in certain places on a whim. The flexible policy ensures I do not incur cancellation fees.”

On gastronomy

Eabha Sloyan from Ireland channels her inner food enthusiast: “Food markets are absolutely fabulous. On my most recent trip, I visited the renowned Tsukiji Market in Tokyo. Spending the evening in the market and indulging in lots of sushi was a culinary adventure I could only dream of. The energy, fresh produce, and exquisite flavours made it an unforgettable experience. It’s a place I could revisit time and time again.”

On safety and local culture

Shamiso Guvava, from the UK, who has been with Emirates for over a year, shares her insights: “My cabin crew training reshaped my outlook on solo travel. It instilled in me vigilance and attentiveness. Safety is paramount. Additionally, my training equipped me with the confidence to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds and seek advice from locals and fellow travellers.”

On exploration

Irfan Huseinovic, from Bosnia, who has been with Emirates for over a year, shares his strategy: “I find it beneficial to explore the city on foot as it allows for easier navigation and a chance to discover at my own pace. My longest solo vacation was in Malta, where I spent 25 days on the picturesque island. It was an incredible journey filled with self-discovery, adventure, and unforgettable experiences. From exploring ancient ruins to basking in the sun on stunning beaches, every moment was enchanting.”

Micaela Olivieri, an Argentinian cabin crew member with Emirates for over two years, lists her top three essentials: “First and foremost, always prioritise your well-being and safeguard your personal belongings. When traversing crowded areas, ensure your bag is positioned in front of you rather than behind. Secondly, be culturally aware and show respect. Lastly, trust your instincts and draw upon past experiences for guidance.”

Alessandra Piper concludes, “The most valuable lesson I’ve learnt thus far: refrain from being glued to your phone! Keep it securely stored away to avoid the temptation of constant checking. Instead, immerse yourself in your surroundings, savour the sights, and relish the view!”


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