To Travel Pillow or Not Travel Pillow

I’ve always been jealous of people who can sleep on planes. My sister can drift off just before take-off and land at a far-flung destination, fresh as a daisy. I have given up on such lofty ambitions and just white knuckle it, hoping there’s a good rom-com or series on the in-flight entertainment.

On a recent trip to the States where I miraculously did grab forty winks but was left with a shocking neck crick has made me re-evaluate the whole idea of a flight siesta. The traditional U-shaped neck pillow still seems to be a crowd favourite but there is a whole host of other travel pillows out there from simple-looking to complicated avant-garde styles.

The Voyage Pillow

This pillow is light as a feather (the same weight as your smartphone!) and doubles as an eye mask.

Voyage Pillow | The Most Versatile and Compact Travel Pillow by Sondre Travel — Kickstarter

Daydreamer Face Pillow

This is great if you are tempted to lie forward and turn your tray into a mini bed (personal favourite!) You can purchase this here.

The FaceCradle

This one makes a fantastic promise in its clever tagline: “Upgrade to sleeping class.” Made of deep memory foam, it promises that even the most resistant flight sleepers will nod off using this!

TravelRest Pillow

This pillow is made for people who like to sleep on their sides but want to feel comfy as if they’re getting a big hug during the flight.

Ostrich Pillow

This guy is equipped with openings around your nose/mouth and ears so you can still hear and breathe. It may work well but is perhaps not for the self-conscious traveller!

With beauty sleep beating any manner of face creams when it comes to looking refreshed when landing at your destination, it might be time to invest in one of these pillows- strange or inquisitive glances be damned!

Even if sleep evades you – and remember there are many other factors which may sleeping on a flight difficult- a travel pillow still helps to align your body to the seat, improving your posture and making your journey more comfortable; avoiding neck strain. After my recent neck crick experience, I think this is a win-win.


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