TikTok’s Latest Travel Trend: Would You Dare to “Rawdog” Your In-Flight Entertainment?

In an era where parents cling to iPads, couples engage in card games, and solo travellers navigate through extensive movie menus, a new trend challenges conventional in-flight activities. Enter “rawdogging” – TikTok’s latest travel craze that’s gaining momentum among adventurous flyers.

Despite its provocative name, this self-imposed endurance challenge has nothing to do with the mile-high club. Instead, “rawdogging” calls for passengers to embrace their flight time without any form of entertainment. That means no films, music, sleep, snacks, or other distractions once the plane takes off. The only exception? The in-flight map.

TikTok users (mainly men) have eagerly taken to sharing their “personal best” attempts at enduring flights entertainment-free. The trend draws interesting comparisons to Apple TV’s series Hijack. In the show, Idris Elba’s character, Sam Nelson, adopts a stoic, distraction-free stance during a tense seven-hour flight from Dubai to London, after his plane is taken over by hijackers.

Content creators are pushing the boundaries of this minimalist approach. TikTok user charlie_sutherland boasted about achieving a new personal best: a 17-hour flight without water, films, or distractions – just paying attention to safety instructions. Meanwhile, Kyle_vieira recounted counting the number of times he blinked during his flight.


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