The World’s Largest ‘Floating Book Fair’ – Now Docking in Egypt!

You can see a pic of the ship called Logos Hope

Have you heard about Logos Hope? It’s has to its credit, the mantle of being the world’s largest floating book fair.

Logos Hope remains in each port for about two weeks and opens the gangways to thousands of visitors each day. On average, one million visitors have been welcomed on board one of these ships every year! The floating book fair offers over 5,000 titles…providing many visitors their first-ever opportunity to purchase quality literature.

And in January, it is going to be docked in Port Said, Cairo. It will remain there till January 23rd, and as it usually does at all the places it docks, the ship’s administration will provide a a fully immersive entertainment experience. For refreshments, there’s a café serving ice cream, beverages, and snacks on board.

Volunteers arranging books on the floating book fair

For passengers, entrance tickets cost about EGP 26 (1 EUR), and there is free entry for children below the age of 12. If you are in Egypt, this is an experience that can be added to your trip.

A child reads a book on the floating library

From Egypt, the ship sails to many other destinations. So if you’re travelling to any of these regions and countries in 2023, you may want to hop on and spend a few hours on the ship.

  • Aqaba, Jordan 25 Jan 2023 to 16 Feb 2023
  • Djibouti, Djibouti 5 Mar 2023 to 20 Mar 2023 TBC
  • Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates 27 Mar 2023 to 11 Apr 2023
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates 11 Apr 2023 to 24 Apr 2023
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 10 May 2023 to 6 Jun 2023
  • Manama, Bahrain 7 Jun 2023 to 20 Jun 2023
  • Doha, Qatar 29 Jun 2023 to 18 Jul 2023 TBC
  • Muscat, Oman 20 Jul 2023 to 31 Jul 2023 TBC
  • Salalah, Oman 3 Aug 2023 to 10 Aug 2023 TBC


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