The latest in in-flight comfort?

inflight comfort

by Isabel Conway –

Premium Economy plus (lets forget about biz class unless the firm is paying!), priority economy, Economy plus,… extra legroom seats…….airlines know exactly how to entice travellers, facing into long hauls and fear of being penned into ever shrinking economy seats, to clamour for increased comfort.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained…sometimes you do get lucky at the last minute and a check in or transfer desk on the spot upgrade can be achieved for less than the original booking cost,depending on airlines and destinations.

Here’s a new alternative to make flying an allegedly first class experience! Have you heard of the travel onesie?
I hadn’t until recently but those who have tested out the latest in in flight comfort sing the praises of the ‘ inflatable travel jumpsuit’.

Designed by Onepiece, worldwide Norwegian specialists in comfortable jump suits who make the onesies worn by the likes of Beyoncé , Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and even Richard Branson their latest design was rolled out as the first of its kind, the inflatable travel jumpsuit.

Forget packing a neck pillow – wear one!
The cocoon of fleece lined comfort has 15 integrated travel friendly features that include a fully inflatable hood and neck collar acting as an inbuilt pillow for snoozing on the go and many more travel friendly tweaks..

The onesie (it has a rear exit solution , an easily opened flap should nature call) also has a built in eye mask and tons of detachable pockets to throw in the security trays at the airport, a collapsible toothbrush concealed within together with ear plugs and interior security pockets.
Once on board the wearer blows into the plastic inserts to inflate the hood and neck pillow, turning the suit into a head sheltering snuggle zone.

Will we all now travel ‘first class’ as Onepiece hopes? No, according to some who’ve done early on board tests….but it’s at least premium economy.

For information on the Inflatable travel jumpsuit more on www.onepiece.com


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