The Eras Tour: European Cities Ranked

  • A new study reveals the European cities on Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour that have the most Instagram appeal
  • The findings are based on Instagram posts tagged with popular landmarks in each city to determine the most-shared online
  • London is identified as the most Instagrammable European city on The Eras Tour, while Warsaw ranks last
  • An expert encourages concert attendees to take their pre-show outfit pictures outside some of the top attractions to boost online appeal

In a recent study by JeffBet has crowned London as the most Instagrammable city on the European leg of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour.

The study’s findings are based on the Instagram posts with hashtags for popular landmarks situated in each European city on the tour, which was used to determine the average number of posts for each destination.

Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour includes some of the world’s most sought-after destinations, perfect for fans looking to extend their trip while seeing her perform. This study identifies the most picturesque spots for her social media-savvy fans.

London, where Taylor Swift is set to perform in June, claims the title of the most Instagram-worthy destination, with an average of 1,715,929 Instagram posts per popular landmark – which include Hyde Park, Camden, Soho and Oxford Street.

Paris secures the second spot as the most Instagrammable destination, with an average of 694,613 posts per local attraction.

Ranking as the third most popular destination on Instagram is Munich, the home of Oktoberfest, the city has an average of 530,650 posts per popular landmark.

Lisbon ranks as the fourth most Instagram-worthy destination, securing a post average of 392,745 per attraction.

Madrid, where Swift will perform at the end of the month, secures the fifth spot in the ranking. This city boasts an average post count of 151,132 per tourist attraction.

The most Instagrammable European destinations on The Eras Tour

RankTour StopAverage Number of Instagram Posts per Attraction
2Paris694, 613

In contrast, Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, ranks last with an average of 19,105 posts per landmark, a difference of over 1.6 million posts compared to London.

Just preceding this is Zurich, ranking second to last with an average of 34,614 posts per popular attraction. Gelsenkirchen, located in the Westphalia region of Germany, ranks third from the bottom in the list, with 47,100 average posts.

Vienna, the capital of Austria, ranks as the fourth least Instagrammable European city on the Eras Tour, with an average of 51,276 posts per popular tourist spot. Cardiff is fifth with an average post count of 65,309.

Speaking on the findings, a spokesperson from JeffBet said, “This study crowns London as the most Instagrammable European city on Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, which is great news for international fans who are traveling to the capital city for the tour and who are looking to boost their Instagram popularity at the same time. 

“As fans navigate cities like Paris and Munich, they’re encouraged to take in the sights and culture as well as enjoying the highly anticipated shows. They may even wish to take their pre-show outfit pictures in front of recognizable attractions to take full advantage of their surroundings!”

Data is sourced from 31 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Paris | PlanetWare (example- many other travel sources used) and Instagram


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