The Best Cities in Europe for Foodies Revealed

A new study reveals that London is the best city in Europe for foodies, with a total of 2,906 5-star reviews for restaurants, cafés, bars and pubs.

Dutch lifestyle magazine, Dailybase, analysed Tripadvisor data to uncover the number of 5-star reviews for eateries in European cities. This resulted in a ranking of 193 cities in Europe where Tripadvisor data was available to investigate.

Taking the crown as the best city in Europe for foodies is the UK’s capital London, with an impressive total of 2,906 5-star reviews for its eating and drinking establishments. London is renowned for its traditional pub culture where you’ll find homemade pies and roast dinners, as well as a plethora of Michelin Star restaurants to tantalise your tastebuds, making it the perfect destination for your next city break.

The French capital, Paris, closely follows in second place, with a total of 2,898 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor for its eateries. Foodies are clearly enjoying Paris’s culinary specialities such as escargot and entrecôte, which is a premium cut of steak to relish with chips in top-rated French bistros and cafés.

The lively city of Barcelona takes the third spot, with a total of 1,475 5-star Tripadvisor reviews for its restaurants, cafés and bars. Popular for its exciting nightlife, this Spanish city will wow foodies with its tapas, which includes patatas bravas, which are cubes of potato in a spicy tomato sauce, and as well as the classic rice dish, paella.

Rome ranks fourth, with 1,407 reviews awarding the Italian capital city 5-stars for its food and drink joints. As well as sampling the street food bites in Rome, venture into the city’s restaurants to try traditional pasta carbonara and cacio e pepe, two simple yet flavourful spaghetti dishes, to find yourself in foodie heaven.

Just behind in fifth place is Greece’s capital city Athens, with a total of 1,403 5-star Tripadvisor reviews among food lovers. Famous for its savory souvlaki, which are skewers of flavourful meat grilled over an open fire, alongside the minced lamb dish moussaka, Athens offers delicious bites for all food enthusiasts.

Spain’s capital, Madrid, takes sixth position in the list of Europe’s best cities for foodies, with 1,395 5-star reviews for its restaurants, bars and cafés. To eat like a local, try cocido madrileño, which is a multi-course stew made with chickpeas, meat and vegetables. With two Spanish cities appearing on this ranking – be sure not to miss this country for high-quality eating experiences.

Lisbon in Portugal follows in seventh spot, with a total of 1,177 5-star Tripadvisor reviews for the capital’s eateries. For seafood fans, Lisbon is perfect for your next trip, featuring the salt cod stew, bacalhau, and dishes with an abundance with clams and sardines are highly popular. And, of course, you cannot miss the renowned egg custard tart, pastel de nata, to satisfy your sweet tooth.

In eighth place is Germany’s capital city Berlin, with 1,074 5-star reviews for its food and drink establishments. From the classic currywurst, a delicious combination of spiced ketchup and sausage, to the Berlin-style meatball known as boulette, this city provides a dynamic dining experience for visitors.

The Czech Republic’s capital, Prague, ranks ninth in the list, with 1,015 reviews, giving the city 5-stars for its best foodie spots. This could be your dream destination if a hearty beef goulash called hovězi guláš appeals to you, served with homemade bread dumplings. To immerse yourself in this city, ordering a pivo (beer) is a must, especially since it’s known as the best in Europe.

Completing the list of the ten best European cities for foodies is Milan, Italy’s second appearance, with a total of 814 5-star reviews for its restaurants, bars and cafés. Reflecting the elegance of the city’s fashion, creamy saffron-infused risotto is an enjoyed staple, with a sweet gelato to follow for an exceptional dining experience. For a further breakdown on stats see here: https://www.dailybase.com 


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