Ten Family-Friendly Things to do in Menorca

Here are ten family-friendly things to do in Menorca, along with their approximate costs:

Visit the beautiful beaches: Spend a day at one of Menorca’s many stunning beaches, such as Cala en Turqueta or Son Bou. Cost: Free.

Explore the Ciutadella Old Town: Take a stroll through the charming narrow streets of Ciutadella’s historic centre, admiring the lovely architecture. Cost: Free.

Visit the Naveta d’es Tudons: Explore the prehistoric burial site, a fascinating attraction for both kids and adults. Cost: €2 per person.

Explore Fort Marlborough: Discover the history of this British-built fortress and enjoy the panoramic views from its walls. Cost: Free.

Water activities at the Aqua Center: Enjoy a day of waterslides, pools, and splash zones at this family-friendly water park. Cost: €20 per adult, €15 per child.

Horseback riding: Take a family horseback ride through Menorca’s breath-taking countryside. Cost: Prices vary, starting from €25 per person.

Visit the Lloc de Menorca zoo: Explore this small yet charming zoo, providing an opportunity to meet local farm animals. Cost: €12 per adult, €8 per child.

Boat trip along the coast: Enjoy a relaxing boat trip, offering an opportunity to explore hidden coves and snorkel in crystal-clear waters. Cost: Prices vary, starting from €25 per person.

Visit the Museum of Menorca: Learn about the island’s history through its fascinating exhibits, including ancient artifacts and archaeological findings. Cost: €4 per adult, free for children under 14.

Explore the Cami de Cavalls: Take a family hike or bike ride along this ancient coastal trail, offering beautiful scenery and stunning views. Cost: Free.

Please note that the costs mentioned above are approximate and may vary depending on the season and provider. It’s always recommended to check the latest prices and availability before planning your activities.


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