What’s a ‘Green Break’ in Slovenia like?

Green Break in Slovenia

If you are planning a spring break to Slovenia, this feature is for you. Especially if you believe in sustainability and doing what’s good for the planet. Sustainability may be a buzzword in tourism these days but two hotels have been following the ‘green’ approach for some time, and are still striving to be at the forefront of responsible travel.

Award-winning sister hotels Bohinj ECO Hotel and Sunrose 7 have sustainability at the very heart of their operations. Both hotels are two of the most outstanding places to stay in Slovenia’s Julian Alps, and if you haven’t been here before, there’s no better way to embrace the new season than to try somewhere new this spring.

As travellers become increasingly aware of the global climate crisis, sustainability is becoming an important factor when choosing where to stay. For holidaymakers wishing to be more mindful of the effects of travel on the environment, or simply wanting to look after the planet a bit more there are choices they can make when booking where to stay.  At Bohinj ECO Hotel and Sunrose 7 environmental awareness is firmly on the agenda! 

Bohinj ECO Hotel

For any visitors hoping to adopt a more responsible approach this year, they can holiday at Bohinj ECO Hotel and care for the environment at the same time. Bohinj ECO Hotel uses a 430m energy well that has been drilled beside the hotel which, together with the heat pump, provides warming sanitary water and heating for the hotel. The warm sanitary water from showers and washbowls is collected in special containers, where heat pumps utilise the warmth before it is sent over the heat exchangers and back into the system. The hotel also uses LED lighting to reduce electricity consumption. Bohinj ECO Hotel’s air conditioning system uses sensors to automatically turn off when not in use to avoid unnecessary wasted energy.

Sunrose 7 

This charming hotel is firmly committed to minimising its impact on the environment and puts this into practice through everyday action in the running of the hotel.

The hotel invests in advanced technologies to aid its sustainability mission and is currently installing a Bio swimming pool ahead of the summer season – the first of its kind in the Bohinj region. Guests will be able to take a refreshing dip in a pool that is completely free from chlorine and other harsh chemicals.

Sunrose 7 also makes use of energy-efficient heat pumps and all lights are LED low energy consumption.

What’s on in the area?

Fancy some flower power? For anyone planning a trip to either hotel in May, why not combine it with The International Wild Flower Festival –  a celebration of Slovenia’s floral richness? Wildflowers play an important role in the region’s cultural heritage and the festival is a reminder of the unique natural environment in Bohinj which is a paradise for flower lovers and botanical experts.

Visitors to the festival will be able to take part in a range of tours, cultural events and culinary experiences taking place at various locations across Bohinj. 

In need of some R&R?

Both hotels are perfectly placed as a base for attending the festival as well as tagging on a few days rest and relaxation. 

Bohinj ECO Hotel is located 10 minutes from the renowned Lake Bohinj, the doorstep of the majestic Julian Alps and just 15 minutes to the famous Lake Bled.

Bohinj ECO Hotel is also a haven for pamper addicts. The wellness facilities offer a tempting choice of spa treatments, a panoramic pool, steam bath, Finnish sauna and massage area.

And, at Sunrose 7, guests can experience a proper digital detox – new arrivals are actively encouraged to leave their devices behind as soon as they check-in. In doing so, visitors to this welcoming hotel can fully embrace the peace and tranquillity of the property. The surrounding area is more than enough to keep weary visitors away from technology. Instead of emails and social media, guests can enjoy spending quality time with each other in the idyllic location. The hotel also offers an impressive wellness area where complete relaxation is the order of the day. This luxury chill-out zone can also be booked for exclusive, private use. Read more here

The Julian Alps region of Slovenia is a destination with sustainable principles at its core and this is reflected in both Bohinj ECO Hotel and Sunrose 7 – two of the country’s greenest hotels that show luxury does not have to be compromised for sustainability. Both hotels are also ‘Green Key’ certified.

Surrounded by the astounding mountain scenery of the Julian Alps and the breathtaking Lake Bohinj, both of these hotels offer unforgettable experiences for their guests.


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