Stigull Stairway Floating Sensation Above Norwegian Fjords

With a 40-meter-long ladder stretching 790 meters above the fjord in the Norwegian village of Loen, “Stigull” is one of this summer’s new big attractions in Fjord Norway. “It looks like people are floating in thin air,” says initiator Per Helge Bø.

“Stigull” opened in Loen in Nordfjord on May 31 and is the latest addition to the popular Via Ferrata Loen. To reach the 120 steps, you must first climb the initial part of the scenic route towards the top of Mount Hoven.

“Stigull is built to make the Via Ferrata facility in Loen more complete, and it is the first of its kind in Norway. With 120 steps and a slope of 45 degrees, this is a long ladder to the sky by international standards. The location offers an incredible view of the fjord landscape,” says Per Helge Bø, the initiator at Loen Active.

The renowned Austrian company HZI has built the ladder, which is part of Route 2, located just east of the Loen Skylift cable car. The Via Ferrata is connected with both a zipline and a suspension bridge, as well as climbing routes of varying difficulty levels.

“This is an adventure-filled experience for all climbing enthusiasts. The ladder has a relatively low difficulty level but feels very airy, so the sense of accomplishment is great when climbing this stage. It actually looks like people are floating in thin air,” Bø continues.

From the top of Mount Hoven, a fantastic view awaits, as well as a restaurant and shop connected to the cable car.

“This new installation emphasizes our ongoing commitment to offering unique and exciting experiences in spectacular surroundings. We encourage all adventure seekers to try Stigull and get a truly unique fjord experience,” concludes Bø.

Via Ferrata Loen is a spectacular climbing route designed for anyone with moderate physical fitness. It can be undertaken both as a guided tour and as an individual tour without a guide for the experienced.

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