Seychelles Leading Green Resort

STORY Seychelles is the the leading resort in best practice, standards and values sustainable and environmental tourism to the Seychelles islands. With its consistent and ground-breaking initiatives which has seen everything from dedicated ecological areas, education and local projects within and outside of the property it has earned them the award for the ‘Seychelles Leading Green Resort 2021’ for the fourth year running.

STORY Seychelles continually looks for ways to preserve and protect natural resources by reducing waste and energy, while providing experiences and service to their guests, without compromising on the beauty of the guest experience.

The 5 Pillars in Sustainability

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Protect Wildlife
  • Reduce Water Consumption
  • Energy Conservation
  • Local Care and Fair Trade

Coral Reef Restoration

Carrying on from their work during the year this month saw the resort’s marine team adding 4 more bamboo nurseries as well as adding more coral fragments that were collected from Perseverance harbor and Charles Savy Providence to increase genetic diversity of the project. STORY resort now has a total of 10 nurseries, 8 of which have 32 different genotypes of various Acropora species with a total of 262 coral fragments, with a 0.362cm² average growth per day.

Already we have seen an increase in fish activity around the bamboo nurseries as they are providing a nursery habitat for juvenile fish. Hobo data loggers were added to the nurseries to monitor and record changes in environmental conditions such as light irradiance and temperature which are parameters that affect growth, Monthly monitoring of all coral fragments is conducted on each nursery by photo analysis using ImageJ software, with a huge uptake of resort guest guided snorkeling tours of the nurseries thus raising awareness of the battle to restore the Seychelles reefs and marine life.

best eco-friendly resort

Wetlands Restoration

November and December marks the start of terrapin season in the Seychelles! Terrapin traps are now implemented daily for monitoring purposes in the wetlands of the resort grounds, with a few Terrapins having now been sighted in the area. however none were caught in the set traps. A member of the landscaping department was able to locate a terrapin and measurements were recorded.

With a focus on guest education and interaction with the local ecosystem the resort is now offering adults and children wetland tours, bird watching and kids club creepy crawly labs all monitoring results will be used to help generate reports on the local areas nature and wildlife, determining trends in species population in relation to season.

best eco-friendly resort

Coastal Clean Up

Leading the way in Beau Vallon, Story Resort conducts an average of 5 beach coastal clean ups each month, with hotel guests again invited to take part with the marine team offering insight and education of the effects of the general waste both washing up or being left in the beach and wetlands areas and the effects that has on the local wildlife and nature, with a total of just under 10kg of rubbish being collected in November in just the beach area of Beau Vallon.

best eco-friendly resort

STORY The Resort

Located on spectacular Beau Vallon beach, an icon of tropical delight, this STORY flagship, with its contemporary, chic ambiance, features 100 rooms comprising villas and suites, a reputed spa and no less than seven different dining venues, each with its own signature ambiance and cuisine. A rare refuge from the hustle and bustle of modern living, this exceptional resort provides its clients with the opportunity to savor an intoxicatingly fresh approach to tropical living, complete with all modern comforts, immersed in a realm of chic décor, sumptuous food & beverages, spacious luxury and the painstaking attention to detail and service which are the hallmark of the STORY Hotels & Resorts brand.


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