Rugged Rocks, Volcanoes and Farmland in Fuerteventura


Travel Reporter Jack Goddard began his second day in Fuerteventura with a visit to Barranco de las Peñitas ravine. Las Peñitas is an arch that spans 3 and a half kilometres in length and about 400-800 metres in width mainly made up of syenite rocks and is undoubtedly the most representative one in the area. It is precisely these plutonic rocks that create one of the most spectacular rugged reliefs of the island. It is quite popular with filmmakers for its scenery with the likes of ‘The Eternals’ filmed by Marvel at the ravine.

Jack and his group then continued visit to Ajuy Natural Monument. According to geologists, it is the oldest place in the Canary Islands Archipielago, and therefore the first area that came to the surface as a result of the volcanic eruptions that originated the birth of the islands. When visiting you can enjoy great views and explore amazing natural caves. The group then had lunch in Restaurant Luchador Tino Matoso in Valles de Ortega.

After lunch, Jack and his group continued to visit Betancuria, the historic capital of the Canaries and the sculptures of the Kings Guise and Ayoze. The road runs by Gran Barranco and la Cuesta del Valle, and then crosses farmlands – the remains of the past economy on which the Island was based. Due to its farmlands, it was one of the first villages established near Betancuria.


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