Rome Tops Global Aesthetic Cities Index

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Swift Direct Blinds has unveiled the Global Aesthetic Cities Index, a comprehensive ranking that delves into the most aesthetically pleasing cities across the globe. The methodology employed by the team combines Instagram and TikTok data with the count of world heritage sites and landmarks, presenting each capital city with a definitive overall aesthetic rating. While beauty is undoubtedly subjective, this index offers a fascinating glimpse into the cities that capture the imagination of social media users and heritage enthusiasts alike.


Topping the list with an impressive score of 9.13/10, Rome emerges as the reigning champion of aesthetic cities worldwide. Boasting a population of 4,315,671, the Italian capital takes pride in a staggering eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a testament to its rich historical and cultural tapestry. The abundance of treasured landmarks contributes significantly to Rome’s top-ranking position.


Paris, the City of Light, secures a commendable second place with an overall score of 8.69/10. While falling slightly short of Rome’s pinnacle, Paris stands out with over 28 million TikTok views for popular hashtags such as #beautifulparis and #parisviews—double the city’s total population. The French capital’s aesthetic charm, celebrated globally, plays a pivotal role in its high-ranking position.

The iconic Eiffel Tower as seen from a city scape view


Prague emerges as a city with the highest concentration of landmarks, boasting an impressive tally of over 63 landmarks per 100,000 residents. The Czech capital’s architectural splendours contribute significantly to its overall aesthetic appeal. Meanwhile, London shines as the preferred aesthetic city on social media, accumulating over 265,000 total aesthetic Instagram posts and amassing more than 31 million aesthetic TikTok views.


Delving into the regional aesthetics, Edinburgh emerges as the most popular UK area, particularly on Instagram, with an impressive count of over 52,000 aesthetic-related posts. Additionally, the Scottish capital claims over 260,000 TikTok views, surpassing all other UK areas in terms of aesthetic-related TikTok content. On the other hand, Newcastle upon Tyne distinguishes itself with an abundance of landmarks, surpassing all other UK areas with over 100 landmarks per 100,000 residents.

To see the full list and compiled data, click here: https://www.swiftdirectblinds.co.uk/global-aesthetic-cities/


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