PortAventura World – All Your Theme Park Dreams Come True (Plus Easter Special Celebrations!)

A ride in PortAventura Park Spain with Easter decorations

If you like adrenaline-fuelled experiences, then PortAventura Park is for you.

Think of rides such as Dragon Khan, Shambhala, Red Force and the large slides and pools of Caribe Aquatic Park. Think of amazing live shows and good hotels. A little like Disneyland, isn’t it? But all of the above is in Spain.

No wonder then, this resort which is located on the Costa Dorada, is one of the main destinations for tourism and holidays in Spain. It it has caught your fancy, and you want to plan your theme park vacation in Spain (a good idea for this Easter) – here are the deets:

What’s PortAventura Park?

In a nutshell, PortAventura Park is one of Europe’s iconic theme parks. An ideal destination for a family getaway, situated in one of Spain’s most popular tourist areas; and is just one hour from Barcelona! It has various parks and attractions on offer, and we will try and cover some of these below.

The PortAventura World Park and Resort complex includes five hotels, three golf courses, a Beach Club with direct access to the beach, a theme park (PortAventura Park) and a water park (Caribe Aquatic Park). Of course, we can’t forget to mention a third and truly unique theme park, (Ferrari Land) for live the authentic experience of excitement, and fun. This is a unique theme park in Europe where you can enjoy a thrilling experience with the whole family and discover all the secrets behind legendary Italian brand. This makes PortAventura World Parks & Resorts the biggest theme park in Spain and the third largest in Europe.

(And just so that you know, PortAventura Park is a theme park that is divided into six themed areas: the Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, Mexico, the Far West and Sésamo Aventura.)

Stay right at the heart of the action

To begin with, let’s start with the hotel on the premises. In 2002, PortAventura World opened its first ever hotel in the entire complex. A milestone that paved the way to a full-service resort where you can enjoy a holiday without even leaving the premises. The hotel recreates a town on the Catalan coast with its squares, villages, bars, etc., creating a perfect and peaceful environment. All the buildings surround the lake and its shores are themed with boats, small ports, fishermen’s nets and a host of other details.

Fun in the water

There’s also the Caribe Aquatic Park. From 4 June to 11 September, you can visit Caribe Aquatic Park and experience all kinds of summer emotions. If you love to chill, then you can do that right there. It goes without saying that if you and your family also like adrenaline-charged thrills, then the mood and facilities here are also perfect. Many of Caribe Aquatic Park’s attractions are suitable for everyone.

Children on a water ride in PortAventura Park in Spain

Ferrari Land – get set for some serious fun!

It’s a unique theme park. And as the name suggests, it’s all about Ferrari!

A theme park where you can enjoy a thrilling experience with the whole family and discover all the secrets behind the legendary Italian brand and its creator, Enzo Ferrari.

Once you head there, get ready to enjoy the most impressive technology and innovation.

A theme park ride at Ferrari Land in PortAventura, Spain

What’s on for Easter?

Visit PortAventura World from 31 March to 14 May and experience an unforgettable spring or relive it like never before. Easter special festivities include dances, parades and more. Plus many areas will be decorated with the Easter theme in mind. This makes it even more special as children are bound to be thrilled by all the lovely colours and decorations on display. (And it’s just not children, even adults would love the brightly coloured displays and gigantic Easter themed rides!)

If you like the idea of spending this Easter at PortAventura, or perhaps even later in the year, here is the link to find out more.

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And as always, if there’s something that you want us to cover – give us a shout!


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