Ed Finn returns to Blarney Castle and Gardens

beauty of Blarney Castle and Gardens

Ed returned to Cork to kiss the Blarney Stone and met marketing manager Paul O’ Sullivan and discovered that Blarney Castle and Gardens has so much more to offer. There are those who think that you come to Blarney Castle only to kiss the famous Stone. Ed left pleasantly surprised realising that the Blarney Stone is only a part of the attraction. Blarney castle was built nearly six hundred years ago by one of Ireland’s greatest chieftan’s, Cormac MacCarthy, and has been attracting attention ever since. Over the last few hundred years, millions odf visitors have flocked to Blarney making it a world landmark and one of Ireland’s greatest treasures. Now that might have something to do with the Blarney Stone, the legendary Stone of Eloquence, found at the top of our tower. Kiss it and you’ll never again be lost for words again. If you want a beautiful day surrounded by stunning gardens and trees or a peaceful picnic by the lake Blarney Castle is the place to go. Explore all its attractions here – www.blarneycastle.ie/pages/explore-blarney-castle


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