Parents – You can now Travel the World with your Kids! The Travelling Village Explained

Imagine exploring the world with your family while being part of a supportive, like-minded community. This is the essence of the Travelling Village, a revolutionary concept designed for parents with kids who crave adventure without sacrificing stability and camaraderie!

What is the Travelling Village?

The Travelling Village is an intentional community where families travel together for four months, sharing experiences, resources, and support. It’s more than just a travel group; it’s a mobile village that fosters deep connections among its members, offering both freedom, and what’s important to family life – structure. The first village experiment consisted of about 21 families (70 people) moving across 3 destinations in 4 months.

How Does it Work?

Families join the Travelling Village with the intention of creating a supportive community, and the ability to see the world. Here’s a look into the inner workings:

  1. Community Contribution: Each family contributes to a communal fund, which covers local fixers, communal meals, and events. This financial transparency ensures that everyone knows where their money goes and fosters a sense of shared responsibility. For the first village, this was a cost of around €2765.
  2. Workgroups: Essential to the village’s functioning, workgroups handle various tasks, from finance and infrastructure to communal meals and emergency situations. These groups ensure smooth operations and give everyone a role to play. Workgroup consist of 3 to 6 people, with one moderator who is the overall responsible.
  3. Communal Meals: Twice a week, families gather for communal meals, a cornerstone of village life. 99% of the time these communal meals have people split out in smaller groups. The communal meals works as a sort of community glue. It’s the one thing that is always in the calendar, where every gets together and get the chance to reconnect.
  4. Village Meetings: Regular meetings provide a platform for families to discuss challenges, offer support, and make decisions collectively. This democratic approach ensures that everyone’s voice is heard. In larger groups, this is key for stability and structure.
  5. Education and Childcare: Tailored to the needs of travelling families, the village offers flexible education and childcare solutions, making it easier for parents to balance work, travel, and family time.

Why Join the Traveling Village?

The Travelling Village isn’t just about seeing new places; it’s about transforming the way you live and travel. By joining, families gain:

  • Community: Build lasting friendships and a network of support.
  • Adventure: Explore the world without the usual stressors of solo family travel.
  • Growth: Learn more about yourselves and each other, fostering personal and collective growth.
  • Intentionality: Experience a lifestyle that encourages conscious living and decision-making.

A Transformative Experience

Joining the Travelling Village is a commitment to an intense yet rewarding adventure. It’s designed for families who want to explore the world while being part of a community that values diversity, freedom, and shared experiences. The aim of the Travelling Village is for members to eventually return home, and carry with them new perspectives and deeper connections, hoping that it leads people to “more conscious lifestyle choices in the future”.

Interested in joining or learning more? The first village experiment has ended, but you can visit the Travelling Village website for detailed information on how to become part of this innovative travel community in the future.


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