New Sleeper Train Will Link European Cities In 2023

A blurred by purpose image of a moving train and the back of a woman

Here’s some good news for those who love rail travel, and especially across Europe. Known as the ‘Good Night Train,’ this sleeper service will link several European cities this year.

The current route on offer is Brussels – Amsterdam – Berlin. Ticket sales will start on 20 February, 2023.

What would the sleeper train journeys be like? According to its website, these journeys would include the following amenities and options:

  • Comfortable couchettes, good beds and seats.
  • Breakfast in compartment; more catering options available
  • Bikes can be transported, pets in private compartments
  • Will start with three times a week, daily if possible from 2024
  • Tickets from €49 for a seat and from €79 for a bed

A map showing how the sleeper train links the cities in Europe


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