More Cultural Events and Festivals You Need to Visit in 2022

Discover Cultural Events and Festivals

Discover some of the world’s most enticing cultural festivals taking place in 2022. Here are more of some of the top events worth travelling for this year.

More Cultural Events and Festivals You Need to Visit in 2022

Telluride Jazz Festival – Telluride, Colorado, USA (12 – 14 August)

Nestled at the end of a majestic canyon, and surrounded by waterfalls, the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado hosts the Telluride Jazz Festival, a three-day and night music event centred around jazz.

The annual event combines the finest pristine natural aesthetics with boundless creativity, accompanied by a once-in-a-lifetime soundtrack, provided by acclaimed artists. The towering mountain peaks and glowing aspen trees that dot the hillsides provide the perfect amphitheatre for music to resonate through the mountain canyon. Providing a sample of Colorado’s renowned craftsmanship, amenities include food vendors, craft brews and cocktails.

Festa Italiana – Sacramento, California, USA (August – exact dates TBC)

Festa Italiana in Sacramento gathers Italian-Americans and admirers of Italian culture each year to enjoy traditional pastimes and entertainment. The popular festival includes bocce ball games, Italian motorsports expos and folk dance performances, with attendees invited to enjoy wine tastings, unique culinary exhibits, live music and educational activities. Attracting thousands of visitors each year, this event remains one of the largest festivals in the area.

Stone Crab Festival – Florida’s Paradise Coast, Florida, USA (29 – 30 October)

Unofficially crowned as the Stone Crab capital of the world, the annual Stone Crab Claw Harvest Festival takes place at the Historic Old Naples Waterfront. The weekend sees live music, fresh off the boat seafood and plenty of family activities.

The harvest season runs from October to May and in order to harvest the most desirable part of the crab (the claw) fishermen detach them at the joint and throw the crustaceans back into the ocean. Stone crabs have the ability to regenerate their claws every 1-2 years, making this Florida’s most coveted sustainable food source.

Old Town Día de los Muertos – San Diego, California, USA (1 November) 

Sharing a border with Baja California, San Diego has a proud Mexican culture which can be seen through its street art and murals, festivals and cuisine. Every November over Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) weekend, locals come together in San Diego’s Old Town neighbourhood to celebrate those they have lost.

Festivities include a procession to the El Campo Santo Cemetery, where music is played and individuals dress in traditional clothing and makeup inspired by La Catrina, an icon of the holiday.

Zao Juhyo Festival – Yamagata, Japan (end of December)

Japan’s local festivals don’t pause for snow. Winter festivals, many of which are hundreds of years old, enliven the season with spectacular fireworks displays and towering snow and ice sculptures.

One of the best is the Zao Juhyo Festival, where snow ‘monsters’ are lit with twinkling lights for evening viewings. Take in the full array of colours from several vantage points, such as the rooftop observatory or restaurant.


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