Mercedes-Benz Museum Reopens

Discover the Mercedes-Benz Museum

The Mercedes-Benz museum has reopened its doors in Stuttgart and celebrated the occasion with an amazing drone tour of the museum.  The four-minute video begins outside the museum, tactfully navigating through the massive, three-pointed star at the top of the building before sneaking into the facility through a door on the roof. The video shows off the museum’s nine floors of Mercedes history, which encompasses 160 Mercedes models, including the 1886 Benz Motor Car. There are race cars, road cars, rare cars, and research cars plus some cool development vehicles that helped push automotive technology forward.

The drone footage gives the already enthralling museum a genuinely magical feel – like Disney World for the automotive nerd in us all. The drone glides through the museum, ducking in and out of buses, and darting through open windows. The drone spins and twirls, showing off the facility and its numerous displays from new and exciting angles. The footage also displays the drone operator’s stellar flying precision. One wrong move and the drone could come crashing down on some pretty costly and rare Mercedes models.

The museum is only open from Friday to Sunday, capacity is limited, and patrons must practice social distancing. Face masks are required for anyone age six and upward. S while we are still unable to reach Germany given the current global situation we can enjoy this stimulating game of drones tour.  The museum has nine levels and covers a floor space of 16,500 m², the museum presents breathtaking vehicles and over 1,500 exhibits.  I’ll be booking my trip to Stuttgart just as soon as flights resume and I’m able to travel again to discover the automotive and contemporary history from the very first patented car in the world to the hydrogen vehicle from this millennium.  Aufbruch… New Beginning


Website – www.mercedes-benz.com/en/classic/museum

Visit – www.germany.travel


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