Ljubljana Named Top Destination in Europe


Ljubljana received the prestigious title of the best destination in Europe in 2022, establishing the capital as a global model for all urban destinations around the world, and at the same time bringing it an exceptional promotion worth more than 10 million euros.

Ljubljana was named the winning destination on the website of the European Best Destinations Organisation, and combined with the media partners of the company, such as Forbes US and Condé Nast Traveller, the news reached more than 420 million people worldwide.

“World travellers love Ljubljana, which boasts an exceptional quality of life, green areas, accessibility, safety, tolerance, and is a multicultural, optimistic, sporty and family-friendly destination”, said Maximilien Lejeune Director of European Best Destinations.

The previous year Ljubljana was declared the best green capital in Europe with the value of promoting this accolade estimated to be 1.6 million euros.


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