Hurray for all-inclusive resorts and holidays

You can see a luxury hut kind of a location with blue skies, palm leaves, white beach sand, and a happy family. They look like they are on an all-inclusive holiday or an all-inclusive resort somewhere in the Maldives
all-inclusive resorts and holidays

Everyone has a favourite kind of holiday. Some like budget, others go for luxury. Some of us wear out the soles of our shoes by all the walking and sightseeing, while in-the-know holidayers also swear by the benefits of lounging about the pool. But no matter what your style is, there is something to be said about the lure (and benefits) of all-inclusive holidays.

All of us could do with an a package that goes all-inclusive. Flights, food, stay, transport from the airport to the hotel, kids sorted with in-house entertainment options …

It makes everything so easy, no need to book or manage multiple reservations. All-inclusive vacations could very well be pegged as anti-ageing ones as well. After all, they take away the stress of planning a hundred little things, and ease our worry lines.

Can we list out the benefits of an all-inclusive? One by one…

No need to call that taxi

all-inclusive resorts and holidays
From the airport to your all-inclusive resort – often the transport is taken care of, and you are on way to your own little paradise!

It begins as soon as you land at the airport. An all-inclusive holiday package means your hotel or resort has sorted out the transport for you. No need to haggle for a taxi, or sweat it out over an exorbitant fare. Just put your sunglasses and hat on, or a scarf if you’re somewhere cold and hop in to your prearranged-for transport.

Resorts with ‘creches’ and in-house entertainment

all-inclusive resorts and holidays
With plenty of in-house entertainment options for children, from workshops, themed restaurants and kiddie pools – an all-inclusive holiday is perfect for families with young children

If the kids are tired or cranky, and you feel like you need an hour or more of sleep, no worries. Most resorts have a kid’s creche and/or entertainment options for children. This leaves parents, and we have to say this, relieved, stress-free and happy. I mean, if your children have access to workshops, toy libraries, Easter hunts, magic & costume shows, and themed libraries, and are chaperoned by trained professionals, what more could you possibly want? Except for some afternoon mimosas before you take your siesta?

Pools, saunas, casino nights – everything at your doorstep

all-inclusive resorts and holidays
Whether you want to lounge about the pool or go to a casino night – most resorts often give guests a lot of options to choose from

All-inclusive holidays may often give you the option of staying at resorts that have every conceivable entertainment option on hand. From heated indoor and outdoor pools, casino nights, wellness centres, shopping arcades, and meditation classes – resorts think of everything that a guest may need.

A friend had gone on an all-inclusive to Mauritius and they had professional photographers to click photographers, nights where you could take in musical performances, child-friendly craft workshops, and even a yoga and de-stressing class. For the breathing technique, they taught her to say ‘One, two, three – total peace is all-inclusive.’ Just kidding! But yes, the fact that you don’t need to step out of your resort for anything really helps in having a most peaceful vacation.

Drink and dining – taken care of

all-inclusive resorts and holidays
From breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner (cocktails included!), your all-inclusive package means you don’t need to step outside for any of your dining needs

It’s like you have a genie from a bottle saying to your every command – ‘Madame, it’s taken care of.’

Seriously, we all need that genie in our lives. Even if it’s only for our vacations. In an all-inclusive vacation, you don’t need to worry about where you’re going to have lunch or if you’ve made reservations much in advance for dinner. Resorts have multiple dining options, and like we said before, even themed restaurants for children. I can dine out at the Indian restaurant at a resort every night if I wanted to, ordering kali dal and naan on repeat. Or I can try pasta one evening, and Thai on another. The ‘genie’ takes care of everything.

You are free to customise

all-inclusive resorts and holidays
You can take a yoga class or go scuba diving – your resort may have plenty of options to choose from, and you can always customise your holiday

All inclusive-vacations aren’t boring or lazy. Not at all. In fact, you can customise your vacation whatever way you choose. Take the option of a planned excursion out of your resort. Wake up early for a yoga class (only if you want to!) Take a scuba diving class if you’re feeling adventurous. Really, the world is your oyster. You can even take your laptop and begin the first chapter of your novel. That is, if you’re done drinking all the prosecco or had your fill of the heated pool!

These are just some of reasons why people prefer all-inclusive holidays and packages. If we’ve forgotten something, do drop us a line. Or better still, a happy photograph!

Some holiday inspiration for your next all-inclusive:

Abora Interclub Atlantic – San Agustin Gran Canaria

4-star tourist complex with local dining options, along with amenities such as a mini supermarket, boutiques, sports activities and evening shows.

The Globales Tamaimo Tropical Hotel – Puerto Santiago

The holiday complex comes with spacious solariums and free sun-lounger service. There are four swimming pools, and entertainment is available for both adults and children from 11:00am to 11:00pm when the disco bar comes to life with professional night shows.

Tamassa – Bel Ombre, Mauritius

Tamassa is an all-inclusive resort located in a picture postcard setting in Mauritius and is at a distance of 45 minutes from the airport. It has a Kids Club, spa and wellness facilities, and amazing dining options, and you can also customise your holiday with tailored experiences.

The Yellow Avor Garden – Algarve, Portugal

A little oasis in Alvor, it is surrounded by a garden with ponds, pools and a poolside bar. The Yellow Avor Garden offers holidays with all-inclusive packages: breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, as well as snacks, ice cream and national beverages, are included. There are also daily activities for kids during the day, live music at night and thematic buffets. Plus a free minibus from the hotel to Alvor village and Alvor beach, 4 times a day.

Gran Castillo Tagoro Hotel – Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, Spain

This family hotel in Lanzarote is perfect for everyone. With relaxing areas for adults and fun activities for kids, apart from its all-inclusive restaurants, it also boasts of a wellness centre and a 5D cinema.

H10 White Suites Hotel – Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, Spain

The H10 White Suites Hotel features curated dining options, along with La Haima, where you can relax with a refreshing tea, and the Despacio Beauty Centre, where you can enjoy exclusive treatments. It also proposes dedicated leisure activities designed for adults. 

Sol Arona Hotel – Tenerife, Spain

The 3-star Sol Arona Tenerife is located in the popular resort of Los Cristianos, just 200m from the beach and 500m from the city centre on the island paradise of Tenerife. One of the first themed hotels on the island, this is a fantastic hotel for couples and families boasting an adults’ pool, children’s pool and a 24-hour gym. 


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