How About a Holiday to Lublin? The Youth Capital of Europe?

Colourful, charming buildings of Lublin in Poland

Do you know that Lublin has been crowned the youth capital of Europe 2023? It certainly warrants a trip, and so here’s all the information you may need to plan that holiday of yours.

Lublin is the first Polish city to be granted status as the European Youth Capital. In the annual competition organised by the European Youth Forum, this vibrant city was recognised for its energy and inspirational investments in young people. 

A youthful and central hub for new technologies and IT in Eastern Europe. Annually it attracts thousands of global students, boasting the biggest university centre in Eastern Poland with a total of nine universities. Naturally, the city will play centre stage for youth culture, hosting 73 large-scale events from festivals to sports shows throughout 2023. 

Top attractions begin in Lublin Old Town, at Kraków Gate. This perfectly preserved medieval district is lined with cobbles and home to more than 100 ornate buildings and monuments. Today many of these buildings are thriving cafes and independent shops. The walls of Lublin are also decorated with street art and dazzling graffiti murals. 

Top events to attend: 

July: The Carnaval Sztukmistrzów Festival

In the height of summer the city is transformed into one big carnival. A magnet for performers all over the world, gaze in awe at world famous circus stars. The carnival features The Urban Highline, the biggest tight rope festival in the world, inspired by the fictional story of The Magician of Lublin. 

August: Meeting of Styles – The International Graffiti Festival

As the oldest graffiti art festival in the world, ‘Meeting of Styles’ festival provides a unique space for creatives to develop passions and explore contemporary graffiti art. Lublin’s dynamic and youthful community gather annually to create art in the streets. 

September: The European Festival of Taste 

The biggest culinary festival in the region attracts locals and tourists alike, and focuses on celebrating multiculturalism and the culinary heritage of Lublin. Expect a wide range of stalls offering gastronomic delights with live music, exhibitions and culinary workshops. 

With a significant student population, this charming city possesses a dynamic nightlife. From underground pubs with huge beer lists to trendy shabby-chic hipster bars, there’s something for everyone. Lublin even produces its own signature beer, Perła. The underground Perła Brewery is a must for any weekend visit. It provides an extraordinary walking tour through the former Reformanti church and monastery where beer was brewed from 1846-2001. The perfect finale for the tour is the unique beer tasting session in the brewery’s former lagering room.

Find out more about Lublin here: Lublin (poland.travel)


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