From Craft Beer Bars to Cat Cafés: A Shortcut Around Barcelona

Barcelona city break

If you are looking for a city break that literally ticks every box and gives bang for your buck, Barcelona will be a clear contender every time. It’s a great destination to bring kids to as it’s so accessible.

It’s impossible to cram everything this beautiful city has to offer into two days, but here are arguably the top six highlights, mixing ancient with modern.


Gracia was once a separate village of Barcelona, but the district has now been swept up into part of the city. This bohemian neighborhood is home to many craft makers, tapas bars, painting classes, and a cat café!

The vibrant nightlife of Gracia revolves around its lively plazas, attracting both the young and old to have a drink outside. Carrer de Verdi, the main street, complements this lively atmosphere with its array of affordable restaurants and a cinema that showcases both new and classic films in their original language.

La Pepita:

La Pepita is perfect for breakfast, cocktails, lunch, dinner, or as the first stop on your bar crawl.

This restaurant on the edges of Gracia, just about pips the post in an area full of mouthwatering options. Kids will love it too as customers are encouraged to draw on the walls, adding to the mishmash of murals and graffiti.

Moco, Barcelona:

It’s hard to narrow your museum options in Barcelona, but the Moco is so fresh and unintimidating. It’s also a brilliant option if you have kids in tow as it showcases works by Damien Hirst and Banksy, highlighting the latter’s career through street art, which is interesting to kids who love art.

La Sagrada Família:

Gaudí’s unfinished cathedral, La Sagrada Família, is still being built. Love it or hate it, it’s one of Barcelona’s quintessential sights. It’s usually essential that you book ahead online if you want to do the tour, but even just passing on foot or by tour bus is a thrill.


Gracia is the place to go if you like handmade, delicate Spanish jewelry. You can pop into shops and watch the makers in the process of making pieces that would sell anywhere else for three times the price.

Everyone knows Zara and Mango are better in their home country, and Barcelona has many of high-street shops in the city center.

However, if you have a bigger budget or just enjoy browsing, Portal de l’Àngel to Plaça Catalunya, the starting point for the elegant Passeig de Gràcia, a long showcase for haute couture shops and Modernista architecture.

Espai de Gats:

This little cat café in Gracia is a lovely spot for kids or cat-loving adults. It’s a not-for-profit café that needs to be booked in advance, and all proceeds go towards the cats’ care. You can sip a cappuccino or a beer while the cats roam around. The owner hands visitors a book with the names of each cat and comment on its nature. It’s a very sweet and relaxing vibe.


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