4 Essential Items to Pack for Any Trip

While this list will chop and change throughout the year and depending on where you’re going and why, these are four items that will serve you well, time and time again.

Packing Cubes: These nifty cubes are not new but after years of hearing about them I was given a lovely set as a gifts from a friend and I’m converted! I will never go back to haphazardly bunging all my clothes into a suitcase. All your underwear in one cube, socks in another, cosmetics in a third- cue some incredibly smug satisfaction at the other end of your journey.

A Good Book: Don’t make the mistake of reading a sad memoir on a flight and landing with puffy eyes. Same goes for films. Pick something light and funny and float off the plane. I recommend ‘Happy Place’ by Emily Henry at the moment. It’s a rom-com, funny, breezy dream of a book which will have you floating off the plane in great spirits.

Fancy Mini Shower Gel: You might as well go for the most delectable you can find in mini size and enjoy a refreshing a heaven-scented shower when you arrive at your hotel or AirBnB.

Ballet Flats: This are the most versatile of footwear- you can throw them on with jeans, skirts or shorts and wear them anywhere. They are so light and easy to pack.

Oh and don’t forget extra reading glasses if you use them, eyedrops and portable chargers!


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