Five Underrated Countries for a Golf Trip in Europe

Underrated Golf Destinations in Europe

There are many well-known countries around Europe that are perfect for a golf trip away. The likes of Portugal, Spain and Ireland provide an amazing and consistent standard of golf course throughout, which is why they are the most popular choices.

Sometimes it’s nice to try somewhere new though. That’s why I’ve decided to round up five of the most underrated golf destinations in Europe.

Five Underrated Countries for a Golf Trip in Europe


First on our list is beautiful Belgium. Belgium not only being one of the most scenic countries in Europe, surprisedly has almost 100 affiliated golf clubs according to the Royal Belgian Golf Federation.

With the number of courses in Belgium, you are spoiled for choice. From some of the oldest golf courses in continental Europe to some stunning golf links across the Belgian coastline.

Two stand-out courses in Belgium are the Royal Ostend Golf Club and the Royal Golf Club of Belgium. The Royal Ostend is the stand-out links course that is extremely well maintained and quite challenging while the Royal Golf Club of Belgium is the mecca of golf in Belgium.


Don’t be shocked, that does actually read Bulgaria. Bulgaria wouldn’t be the first name to pop into most heads when thinking golf, but you’d be surprised at the potential this place has to be the next big thing!

Bulgaria offers a cheap alternative to the heavyweights of the golf Europe scene, which is always an added bonus. However, having a cheap alternative doesn’t always mean giving up quality. There is plenty of quality around Bulgaria.

Bulgaria offers two fabulous courses designed by the legendary Gary Player in the Black Sea Rama which is a test to any golfer with challenging features and Thracian Cliffs, which is has been quite frequently referred to as ‘the world’s most dramatic golf course’ as it basically hangs over the stunning Bulgarian coastline.


Sweden is a leading emerging nation on the European golf scene, now having over 300 golf courses to choose from. Golf in Sweden almost feels like it’s part of the scenery. Courses blend effortlessly with their surroundings and almost become one in the area.

Sweden has some really stunning courses across its coastline with the likes of Falsterbo Golf Club, Vasatorps Golfklubb and S:t Arild Golfklubb. All three course provide their own unique look at the coast while having their own challenges and obstacles to overcome.


Denmark, like Bulgaria, you would not expect to make a list like this, but yes golf has begun to become extremely popular in Denmark, therefore demanding better quality courses.

The country now has over 180 courses to pick from with a variety of difficulty levels. Denmark would be considered another low-cost holiday for golfers as green fees are less than other golfing countries. Another pleasing factor in Denmark is it generally has a great golf climate and can be played all year round.

Some of the courses worth playing when visiting are Great Northern, Mariagerfjord Golf Club and Ledreborg Palace Golf Club.


Last but certainly not least, Greece! When you think of Greece, you think of the stunning islands, the amazing views, the ocean, the beaches and the nightlife. Golf wouldn’t be one of the main things to pop into your head.

The sport in Greece has only recently gained some popularity so there are only eight golf courses spread out across the country but, one of those golf courses is the incredible Dunes Course at Costa Navarino.

The Dunes Course at Costa Navarino is one of the most underrated golf courses in the entirety of Europe. Therefore Greece had to make this list. The Dunes Course is the first signature-designed golf course in Greece. The impressive seaside Dunes Course was designed by two-time US Masters Champion and former Ryder Cup Captain Bernhard Langer in association with European Golf Design and a challenge to any golfer.


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