Five of the Best Cities for a Couples Getaway this Valentine

Top 5 Romantic Getaway Cities

Now that Christmas has passed, it’s time to start thinking romance. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching so I’ve decided to do the hard work for you. Here are five of the best places to take your significant other this Valentine’s Day.

Five of the Best Cities to Take your Partner this Valentine’s Day

Paris, France

Obviously, Paris was always going to make the list. Traditionally one of the most romanticised places on the planet, Paris really does live up to expectations.

Dubbed ‘The City of Love’ Paris offers some of the best restaurants in the world, some amazing and forever stylish architecture and probably most important, its famous landmarks. The likes of the Eiffel Tower have always been a backdrop for proposals, first kisses and dramatic re-couplings.

Top 5 Romantic Getaway Cities
Another Magical Day in Paris

Venice, Italy

Venice is another city that has been traditionally romanticised, we all have the image in our heads as a madly in love couple sails through the streets on a gondola as they are serenaded by their gondoliers.

There is definitely more to Venice than this though. Similar to Paris, Venice has a unique and special feel with its architecture and special landmarks.

Couples can also enjoy the many scenic views at the likes of the Campanile, the Venice bridges and of course St. Mark’s Square.

Top 5 Romantic Getaway Cities
Sunset Over Venice

Sitges, Spain

Sitges is a gorgeous town just an hour out from Barcelona. Sitges is a special place for couples as it is extremely inclusive. Sitges is very popular with the LGBT+ community.

Sitges offers couples a relaxing Valentine’s day with a choice from its 17 beaches, which cycle between family beaches and if you are up for it, a nudist beach.

Sitges is also very popular for its wine tours, they have a lot of affordable tours around the area that supply top quality tastings with some great wines.

Top 5 Romantic Getaway Cities

Bruges, Belgium

A bit of a spanner in the works here. If you are like me, when you see ‘Bruges’ you can just imagine Colin Farrel having nothing nice to say about the place, but there is a lot to be desired in the beautiful city.

First of all, the key to anybody’s heart is chocolate. There is no better chocolate in the world than Belgian chocolate. With all the different styles and brands, you and your partner will be spoiled for choice.

The city is also quite scenic for a romantic stroll in the evenings. From the cities flowing canals to the little parks dotted around, there is always somewhere special for you and your partner to enjoy.

Top 5 Romantic Getaway Cities
The Amazing Canals in Bruges

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the gorgeous capital of the Czech Republic. It is another top pick for a city break for couples, but especially around Valentine’s Day. There is oddly something romantic about the medieval architecture and cobbled roads that makes it feel like a Disney film.

With many fabulous restaurants serving high-quality Czech cuisine at hand and an abundance of river cruise options available in the area, there is something special there for you and your loved one.

Another extra special treat Prague has for you love birds is a tradition of leaving a lock on the famous Lovers’ Bridge. This has been a tradition in Prague for years where couples will attach a lock to the bridge with a special message to their loved ones.

Top 5 Romantic Getaway Cities


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