Explore The Turkish Riviera By Yacht

The Turkish Riviera

Exploring the Turkish Riviera, also referred to as the “Turquoise Coast,” on a private yacht is undoubtedly the best way to experience its true splendor. With its enchanting hidden coves and historic tombs, the Turquoise Coast is an excellent choice for those seeking adventure. Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, or your partner, there’s no better destination than Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. To make the most of your Turkey yacht charter, consider these five fantastic activities:

The Turkish Riviera

Snorkel In The Mediterranean

Chartering a yacht is an excellent opportunity to discover a coastline’s beauty, both above and below the water’s surface. One of the greatest joys of life is taking a break to have lunch and a refreshing swim in the mesmerizing Mediterranean Sea, which is abundant with marine life.

The Turkish coast boasts numerous outstanding snorkeling locations, and the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Fethiye and Carian Coast offer ideal conditions for exploring a unique underwater world.

The Turkish Riviera

Shop In Turkish Bazaars

Even though the coastal sea is stunningly beautiful and one could easily spend days just meandering along its shores, there is still so much to discover in the Turkish towns situated along the coastline. Immerse yourself in some of the country’s liveliest markets and indulge in a delightful sensory experience of sights, sounds, and aromas. Whether you explore Fethiye’s renowned fish market or the fantastic bazaars of Göcek, you’ll find a vast array of items to take a piece of Turkey home with you.

The Turkish Riviera

Soak Up The History

The Turkish Riviera is a unique destination, full of intrigue and eagerly awaiting exploration. The cities that border the coastline are teeming with hints that provide insight into the ancient civilizations that once inhabited Turkey. When sailing along the Turquoise Coast, you’ll encounter an abundance of discoveries, from the remarkable ruins of the Ancient City of Telmessos to the extraordinary Dalyan Rock Tombs.

The Turkish Riviera

Enjoy The Nightlife

Whether you’re holidaying with your closest friends or your significant other, the Turquoise Coast offers an ideal setting for a good party. After a day of exploring the Mediterranean Sea, what better way to unwind than by dancing at the open-air clubs in Marmaris or socializing in the lively bars of Bodrum? Even the quietest of towns come to life at night, making this an unforgettable experience not to be missed.

The Turkish Riviera

Wander The Old Towns

Embark on an adventure to explore Fethiye’s Lycian tombs, Bodrum’s vibrant streets and medieval castle, or journey to the tip of the Datca Peninsula to discover the ruins of the ancient trading town of Knidos, nestled amongst olive trees.

Savor mouth-watering Turkish delicacies, stroll through bustling markets, and raise a glass to your holiday at one of the stunning bars with an unbeatable view of the sea. Have you been captivated by the allure of the Turquoise Coast? Start planning your dream Turkish yacht charter today for an unforgettable holiday. Select from a bareboat, crewed, or skippered yacht charter to truly make your sailing holiday your own.


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