Enter Through a Refrigerator: The Most Hidden Speakeasies and Bars of the World

Secrecy, sophistication…hidden speakeasies and bars can transport you to what can sometimes seem like a different world. Here are some of the world’s best hidden speakeasies and bars, each offering an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

1. Please Don’t Tell (PDT), New York City, USA

Tucked away in the East Village, PDT is accessed through a vintage phone booth inside Crif Dogs, a popular hot dog joint. To enter, patrons must pick up the receiver and press a buzzer. Once inside, they are greeted by a cozy, dimly lit bar with taxidermy-adorned walls. PDT is renowned for its inventive cocktails, such as the Benton’s Old Fashioned, which features bacon-infused bourbon. The bar’s intimate setting and secretive entry make it a quintessential speakeasy experience.

2. The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, London, UK

Located behind a Smeg refrigerator in The Breakfast Club café in Spitalfields, The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town offers an eclectic and whimsical atmosphere. To access this speakeasy, diners must ask to see “The Mayor” and be led through the fridge door. Inside, the bar is decorated with quirky artifacts and vintage furniture, creating a playful yet cozy environment. The cocktail menu is equally creative, with drinks like the “All Cats Are Grey in the Dark,” a mix of gin, elderflower, and charcoal.

3. The Blind Barber, Los Angeles, USA

Disguised as a functioning barbershop in Culver City, The Blind Barber offers a unique dual experience. After getting a trim, guests can walk through an unmarked door at the back of the shop to enter a lively speakeasy. The bar features a 1920s-inspired décor with dark wood accents and vintage lighting. Signature cocktails include the “Smoke & Dagger,” a smoky mezcal drink with fresh herbs. The Blind Barber also offers a small menu of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, perfect for a late-night snack.

4. Lavomatic, Paris, France

From the outside, Lavomatic may look like a laundromat, but open a door disguised as a washer and find a cocktail bar with a fun and quirky environment. Cocktails are mixed with precise scents and flavors to create drinks with unique harmonies, and they change up the menu every quarter to reflect what’s in season.

5. Michi Naki Michi, Tokyo, Japan

Michi Naki Michi is in the heart of Shibuya, only a 10-minute walk from Yoyogi Park and Shibuya Scramble, and it begins our journey into the world of hidden bars in Tokyo. Here, you’ll find the entrance located inside a refrigerator! From the moment you wander inside, you’ll get a sense of the owner’s passions, using skateboards, bicycles, fashion and plants to decorate the space — not to mention the ever-changing menus and American-inspired dishes, all while Heisei J-pop plays in the background.

6. The Broken Shaker, Miami, USA

Hidden within the Freehand Miami hostel, The Broken Shaker offers a laid-back speakeasy experience. The entrance is through an unassuming courtyard, leading to a bar adorned with vintage furnishings and tropical plants. Known for its garden-to-glass cocktails, The Broken Shaker uses fresh herbs and spices from its own garden. Signature drinks include the “Guava Collins,” a refreshing mix of gin, guava, and soda. The bar’s relaxed vibe and creative cocktails make it a beloved local haunt.

7. The Blind Pig, Dublin, Ireland

The Blind Pig offers a true 1920s Prohibition-era experience. With low lighting, vintage decor, and a jazz soundtrack, the atmosphere is both cozy and elegant. The cocktail menu is extensive, featuring both classic concoctions and innovative creations. To add to the intrigue, the entrance is hidden, and you’ll need to follow specific instructions to gain access.

Hidden speakeasies and bars offer more than just a place to drink; they provide an immersive experience! For those willing to seek these places out, an unforgettable night out is certain.


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