Elevate Your Wardrobe with these Tennis Inspired Trends

  • Searches for ‘Tenniscore’ have increased by 345% globally over the past 30 days
  • Polos are staging a comeback; elevate your style with a retro jumper or opt for a more casual chic look by pairing them with denim jeans and a leather jacket
  • Explore a spectrum of colours within this trend, ranging from timeless classics like white to more lively and dynamic shades such as vibrant tennis ball green

Going into summer 2024, the spotlight gleams on the trend of centre-court chic, as sports and athleisure wield their influence over the fashion scene. Google Trends reports a staggering surge of 345% in global searches for ‘tenniscore’ over the past month, showcasing an undeniable fascination with the fusion of sports and style.

According to Pinterest Trends, the online need for ‘tennis outfits’ has skyrocketed by 228% across Great Britain and Ireland in the last year, alongside an 80% uptick in interest for ‘sporty outfits’.

This surge in athletic-inspired fashion coincides with the release of The Challengers (2024), a cinematic triumph that raked in a remarkable $15 million during its debut weekend. Adding to its allure was the unforgettable press tour featuring none other than fashion luminary Zendaya. Commanding attention with her exquisite choice of attire, Zendaya entered the red carpet adorned in tennis-themed dresses, footwear, and more, solidifying her status as a true trendsetter.

Here, plus-sized fashion experts, Zizzi Fashion examine how people can channel this tennis-inspired fashion trend, whether they want to look like their favourite athlete on the court or actress on the big screen. 

Sporting a pleated skirt 

Pleated skirts are the epitome of tennis-themed fashion. The iconic skirts are worn by professional tennis players every year, whether they’re slaying at the French Open or Wimbledon. This year, however, pleated skirts have left the tennis court and made their way onto the catwalk.  

Lacoste’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection at Paris Fashion Week was the perfect example of ‘tenniscore’ breaking into the fashion world. The collection had multiple tennis-inspired outfits, including mini and mid-length pleated skirts in hues of green, brown and black. 

It’s safe to say that pleated skirts will be out in full force this summer. There are countless ways to sport a pleated skirt, including pairing them alongside cowboy boots, graphic t-shirts or denim jackets. They’re a versatile tennis-themed trend that can be moulded to each person’s individual style.  

Chic tennis dresses 

Tennis dresses are made for the court. Although, if this year has made one thing clear, it’s that the short and sweet ensemble also belongs on the red carpet, dominating this summer’s ‘tenniscore’ fashion trend.  

Zendaya wore multiple dresses on The Challengers (2024) press tour. In Rome, the actress turned heads in a silver plunging tennis dress. The pleated bottom and striped detailing were iconic nods to this season’s trend.  

Tennis dresses can also be styled casually. Pairing tennis dresses with boots, denim jackets, trainers and pull-over jumpers can create an effortless, casual look for summer. 

The iconic polo shirt 
Polo shirts are an iconic, versatile piece of clothing. The collared shirts have made waves in multiple fashion trends throughout history, from 90s mod-style polo shirts to this year’s preppy trend revival – and they’re back for ‘tenniscore’ 2024.  

Miu Miu’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection featured numerous polo shirts. The brand’s models sported classic navy blue shirts and an oversized, striped shirt in brown. Both styles are unisex and can be worn by anyone with a taste for tennis-inspired clothing. 

Plus, there’s no “right” way to wear a polo shirt. To channel classic court-centre chic, people can wear fitted polo shirts layered with a retro jumper tied around their shoulders, paying homage to Princess Diana’s timeless style in the 90s.  

However, there are other, more casual ways to style polo shirts. Hayley Bieber, for example, looked effortlessly chic in a striped polo shirt paired with baggy denim jeans and an oversized leather jacket, as pictured in 2023. This casual take is an easy way to embrace tennis-inspired fashion this summer. 

A spokesperson at Zizzi Fashion has commented:  “There’s no doubt that ‘tenniscore’ is this summer’s most in-demand fashion trend. To embrace tennis-inspired fashion this summer, remember to wear each item in whichever way feels comfortable and natural. For example, people can wear pleated skirts alongside other athleisure, although they will also style well with everyday clothing, like knitwear and this season’s trending trainers. In short, ‘tenniscore’ is individual to the person and can be moulded to fit their style, just like any fashion trend.

Centre-court colours 

Last, but certainly not least, is centre-court colours. White is undoubtedly the number one colour for this year’s tennis-inspired fashion. Whether someone sports a tennis dress or a polo shirt, all-white outfits embody the elegance and class of the sport.  

Although, this year’s ‘tenniscore’ fashion trend also embraces brighter, bolder colours. Zendaya wore multiple green-coloured outfits on The Challengers (2024) press tour, including a tennis ball green gown that stunned at the film’s afterparty. If that doesn’t scream ‘tenniscore’, nothing will.  

Don’t stop at green, though. In addition to embracing centre-court colours, people can wear tennis-inspired fits in a range of hues. Think pink tennis skirts, brown polo shirts and more – the list goes on and on and on.  


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