Dubrovnik, also know as “The Pearl of the Adriatic”

Pearl of the Adriatic

Dubrovnik, often referred to as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, is a stunning coastal city located in southern Croatia. The city boasts impressive views and is known for its distinctive Old Town, encircled with massive stone walls completed in the 16th century. The ancient walled medieval city is filled with ornate churches, museums, galleries, world class restaurants and charming red-roofed buildings.

Its narrow cobblestone streets are lined with restaurants, bars and small shops, perfect places for pit stops during a leisurely stroll through the city while admiring the amazing architecture or exploring its historical sites.

While the Old Town of Dubrovnik is primarily a tourist destination, it is also a residential area for local residents. Within the city walls, you’ll find homes, apartments, shops, restaurants and various services that cater to both tourists and the local community. The population of the walled city is relatively small compared to the population of Dubrovnik, but it still maintains a vibrant community of residents who call this historic area their home.

Due to the massive influx of visitors each year, residents are complaining about the number of visitors who drag their wheeled suitcases through the cobbled streets at night making it very difficult for them to sleep.

And because of this, mayor Mato Frankovic has introduced new rules that will see tourists banned from dragging wheeled suitcases around the winding roads in Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Newly introduced regulations state that suitcases must be carried and not dragged through the streets of the town. For now, wheeled bags will still be permitted, though the wheels must not be used. Anyone caught rolling their luggage faces a fine of approximately €250. As of yet, it is unclear how this might impact anyone unable to carry a case due to a physical disability. 

The initiative is part of a wider plan to ban all luggage from Dubrovnik by November. Starting in Autumn visitors will be required to leave bags and suitcases at a designated spot outside of the city’s walls before visitors are permitted to enter the old town. Visitors will have to pay a courier to have their bags delivered to their accommodation by electric vehicle.

Dubrovnik mayor Mato Franković made the decision to ban wheelie cases as part of new measures aimed to reduce negative effects of overtourism. Dubrovnik recorded (3.8 million) overnight stays in 2022!!

My 5 favourite things to do in Dubrovnik :

(1) Explore the Old town, wander through the narrow limestone streets, walk along the ancient city walls and visit landmarks like the Stradun, Rector’s Palace and St. Blaise Church. Enjoy the delicious Dalmatian cuisine and sip slowly on

(2) Walk the City Walls and experience the panoramic views of the red-roofed city and the Adriatic Sea. There’s even a little bar on route where you can take a break and rehydrate with freshly made smoothies or something a little stronger.

(3) Take a boat tour to the nearby Elafiti islands or the stunning Bay of Kotor in Montenegro.

(4) Visit the impressive Fort Lovrijenac, located just outside the city walls, which offers stunning views of Dubrovnik and its surrounding areas.

(5) Enjoy one of Dubrovnik’s beaches like Banje Beach, this was my favourite. It’s a local beach located on the edge of Dubrovnik’s Old Town right in front of the eastern entrance to the Old Town. It’s a great beach for people watching and there’s a beach club called EastWest, it’s a trendy chillout beach club with bar and restaurant and hire out sun loungers and umbrellas not to mention they provide a steady supply of delicious cocktails to keep you cool till sundown when it turns into a late night bar and club. One could be forgiven for staying the day and night!!

So guys and gals if you’re thinking of visiting Dubrovnik this year make sure you leave your wheelie suitcases behind. Don’t get caught out and miss the opportunity to explore the magical medieval city that is Dubrovnik.


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